Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2 More Days!

Good Morning!,,Had a great electrical storm last nite starting about 1;30 am.  Have no idea how much rain, don't have a gauge set up.  My dotter asked for a list of things for Christmas and that was the first on it.   All i can tell you,,,for sure, is the ground is still wet.

I've gotta go to the eye doc's office today, and see what's going on with my new glasses. Right now i'm wearing my old ones.  Can read better.  I'll do that after i eat,,,something,lolol.  Think it'll be waffles.

It's NOT COLD,,,BB!! 

OMG,,,just 2 more days til Thanksgiving!  Not ready.  How do i always lose track of time?  All i can do with the potatoes i'm gonna cook, is wash them.  Can't even cut them up ahead of time.  So, probably won't be a blog that day.  There's a 5 lb bag to do.  Only major work is the chunking them up.  My carpal tunnel syndrome gives me all kinds of trouble, doing things like that.  Had to call my pharmacist,,AGAIN,,about the  pill bottles i've started getting lately.  Last week when i had to open one of them, my hand hurt for 3 days.  So, not gonna accept them any more.  They've just started doing that in the last couple of months.  So, i've talked to the man, now it's up to them.

This new throw rug i put down under this rolling chair, shows every little speck i drop.  Needs a brush off or vacuum every day, which it won't get. lol.  My housecleaning is random.  Not like my sis,,the clean freak.  It'll get done when it gets done,,that's all there is to it.  I've cleaned the inside of all my windows, except in the one room.  Someday.  Rarely in there, lol, so it doesn't bother me.

Caught up with my son late yesterday, gave him my donation for the kids.  Sure enough, lol, he pulled out an envelope with writing all over it, and put it in there. 

Ok,,gotta make a move, get on the ball, get my mojo working, so, yall