Friday, April 1, 2011

Back Problems?,,,old age?,,,,wth knows

Had to take an aleve so maybe i can move a little.  Don't know what i did to a muscle in my back, kinda all down the right side, waist to hip.  Started yesterday, and had to shift positions all nite to sleep.  There's a dull pain just sitting here.  Think it's like DDs memory problem. lol  Loved his description of what i do. hahahaha  And i cant believe they drove all the way to Ben's then turned around n went home!! lmaoo.... was it the cats? Musta been, cats r sooo territorial.  My mom had one that was worse than any guard dog ever thot of being.  Saw her run lots of BIG dogs off.  They never thot to argue with that ferocious ball of fur flying at them, spitting and slapping those bad claws.  Everybody was half scared of her too, she would attack YOU when u petted her sometimes.  Or when u just walked by.  But never me.  Everybody kept telling mom to get rid of her, but she never did.  I liked her!  Maybe that's why she never was mean to me.  For some reason, animals n kids have always liked me.

Went out yesterday and on the other side of my car, 4 sheep were laying there under the tree, and got up when they saw me.  Have NOOO idea who owns sheep in this neighborhood, but I left them alone, thot,,,let em eat some of my weeds, lol.  Later when i came back, tho, they were gone.  The ol mule across the street was sure interested in em too.  He was keeping a good eye on them.  Love to hear him braying, which he doesnt do much, but i sure like it when he brays at me.  Dont care what my neighbors keep, long as its not DOGS!!!   The druggies that had to move, from across the street, had this little weiner dog that just yepped allllll the dam time, for NO reason.  They had him in a pen, and i never saw them pay any attention to him.  I complained a lot!!! and i will any other time too!!!  This is a quiet neighborhood and it does not need barking dam dogs!!! ok,,,lol, now u know.  hahahaha.  Used to have these big dogs that roamed around and would come by and get into my pond.  I ran them off with my pellet gun.  One of the cops that came by when i had called about them, told me i could shoot em if they were doing harm,  which they were, but i just couldnt use my 22.  just kept calling.  Guess the owners finally got tired of fines, and got rid of them, dont see big dogs around here any more.  We do have laws on dogs here.

ok all u dog lovers, hit me with it.  Ive had 2 dogs i loved,,,both were german sheppards, very smart, and easy to train.  But Im more of a cat person.  Bought a siamese way back, female, show quality (that was just coincidence) and that started lots of years of breeding and selling these very special cats.  I was so picky about who i sold them to, most of the time, i gave them away so i knew who got them and how they would be treated.  I never fooled with papers, just wanted them as pets and sold them that way too.  That line finally all died out over the years, and i just have 1 cat now, Jude, that i dont know his pedigree and dont care.  Ive always named my cats from songs, lol.  The last siamese was Fancy.

Almost noon, think i might get dressed.  And maybe find some lunch.  And maybe check around outside, c whats out there today. lololol,,,

Well,,,,now i know!,,,Pulled that muscle stretching to the left to trim my toe nails yesterday.  It showed me when i got dressed.  When u got this mid section like i got, takes a lot of stretch to do that.  Never had this happen before tho.  Gonna just baby it around til it gets well, hopefully,,,today. ha ha

Didnt see anything new outside.  Disappointed.  Ive lived here almost 10 years, and there could be anything show up.  Its just over the top of a hill from the river, and theres LOTS of unusual things on the river.  One thing i sooo enjoyed was a pair of roadrunners.  They were around about the first 5 years, and so enjoyable.  They would hide behind a bush r something and stretch that long neck out to c what i was doing.  lol  Got to c them doing a mating ritual!!!  why cant u get these kind of things on film?  The female was in the front yard, and i looked out just in time to c the male running across the street with a lizard.  He dropped it at her feet, then started doing all this jumping, dipping, running around her, all these crazy looking things while she stood there with her wings hanging down,,,,This went on til a car went by and broke it up.  You never saw the little ones, they stayed in the nest til they were as big in size as the parents, then would be with them for a while.  Sure have missed them, dont know what happened to them.  They nested in a tree in a neighbors yard, but they dont know either.  (they own the mule, only neighbor i have right now)  They live on up on the end of the street, 1/2 a block r so.

gonna leave yall with this, sooo much to write about, but will wait til later....