Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lap Band, Diabetis,,,Yeah I Have Em

Lol,,was asked about those.  I had lap band done about 3 years ago,,lost the whole first year because i had a stupid doc.  and a leaking port.  Had to change docs to find that out.   Had to have it replaced.  But, when it was finally set to the right place, i would burp up stuff or whatever during sleep, and get pneumonia.  So i had it all unfilled,,can't do the pneumonia. 

I have diabetis 2, hi blood pressure, and hi chloresterol.  All because of my weight.  I control it with pills.  Like, this morning my sugar was 66, kinda low.  Gotta watch that, maybe decrease one of my pills.  My blood pressure stays way down, under the 120/70. and the chloresterol is about 150.  BUT, i have to take all these darn pills to keep those doing good.  HATE it.  That's why i'm trying this protein diet.  Been 4 days and i'm not sure if it's doing any good or not.  Would hate to think it's not.  It's NOT easy to avoid carbs and sugars.

Uh oh,,just had a fly go across my face!!!  Thot i might have gotten all of em yesterday, but NO.  Get the swatter and fly spray out AGAIN.  It smells my chicken (leg 1/4s) i'm cooking in my convection oven.  Doing it now before that triple digit heat gets here later.  Austin set a new record of 109 yesterday.    I saw 107 here when i got out,,,once.

Saw on RVSue, in the comments, someone was telling her that rattlesnakes came out for the heat..BS.  In this kind of heat, they are in cool damp shady places.  The only time they like heat is when they are leaving their dens and come just outside of it, to soak up the sun.  My front flower bed is overgrown with the viney ground cover plant in it, so to get to the faucet, i will have to clear it out with a hoe,,,NOT gonna step in it first.  Even beating around with something won't make them move.  (Son told me that the other day).  We're rattlesnake country here, and B and J are experts on snakes.  So avoid cool damp shady places!  That's where i found one a few years ago,,under the lantana where my AC drips.

Called about my jury summons and was told i didn't have to...Cause i'm 70.  It reads,,,if you're over 70 you have the choice,,,didn't know if that meant 71 or not.  She laughed about me and the diuretics,,,lol.  All i have to do is drop the letter off there.  It was municipal court, not criminal.  LOLOLOL,,i had to ask what the difference was.

We went back under a burn ban a few days ago,,,don't know if there will be fireworks or not.  They're shot off over the river so probably so.  I can see them from my drive way if i want to sit outside, which i probably won't.

OMG ID had 22* yesterday, and KS had 115.  Going to ID.  Become a snowbird.  How's the weather today, BB?  Know what DD would say...hahahahaha,,,Go to the malls,,DD,,sit in one all day.   Or,,swim in your swamp,,,kinda yukky thot.

Yall tc and