Sunday, March 4, 2012

Concerned with Google's new data sharing policy? There are ways to deflect it

Concerned with Google's new data sharing policy? There are ways to deflect it

This tells you how to set google chrome's privacy settings. I don't think i have anything to be concerned about, but gonna do it anyway. lol. Just,,,cause. Like those bloggers who require all your info just to make a comment,,,nope, won't do it.

I had asked my son and gf, if there was anything they needed at Walmart, and he had a couple of prescriptions to pick up, so,,,the first thing i do,, is go to pick them up, not knowing how long that can take. I finally get to the front of the line, and then i'm told there's not any!,,,huh? Supposed to be 2. Sooo,,i call him and he says,,already called and verified they ARE ready. Well WTH? I hand the phone over to the clerk and ok,,yep, they are ready,,,he didn't tell me he was using his first name, which he has never been called by! Have no idea why and forgot to ask him. When i'm checking out, i'm looking at my watch thinking I'M gonna be late, after telling gf Not to let him make them late. lololol,,,But, i made it and the tables were all set up, ready for about 15. Turns out, there were just 6 of us, the others had misunderstood and thot it was NEXT weekend. G/dotter had to work but wanted all of us to come by there for dessert, so we did. Just one ate it,,lololol. Had drinks tho. Was a great time. Got home about 10, soooo tired and ready for bed, then couldn't go to sleep. My 2 cups of coffee?,,,So i'm tired today.

Our friend on the city council and my bro G are coming here later to discuss plans for tomorrow nite. Sure gonna get a nap before then.

Gosh, after 11 and i haven't eaten breakfast yet,,,lololol. Guess those jalapeno chicken enchiladas lasted a long time. Sure were good too. I can't do hot, but those weren't.

Forgot,,gave my son the man purse, with a small billfold, told him i'd call it an utility bag,,,lol. I really think he will like it. He's the kind of person that nothing embarrasses, and with everything he carries, this is perfect. My nephew carries one, totally full of stuff,,,His gf said everybody in CA did,,she lived there for 27 or so years, but is back for good. Seeing those 2 together makes everyone happy. I had given up on him ever finding someone, but,,,love this one totally! So does everybody else.

Ok,,breakfast done, about nap time, so yall tc, and


O yeah, just pass your pointer over the first part to go there.  And also, my weather thingy is broke, but it's the airport's thing down, where it gets it's info.  The tv doesn't show anything for here either.