Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Memories,,, are Made of This,,,

I've looked around the new blogger interface before, and it's just something you get used to, BUT, not gonna til i have to.  Maybe they'll back off, never do it, so many protested.  There are changes i welcome, and changes i don't, will do it my way.  Have you ever just stopped, and thot about all the changes that have happened just in your life time?  Blows your mind.  (if you got any left,,,lol)  Like me, i take so much for granted now that were huge changes back then.  I think the internet was the one that made the most difference to me.  

Back in 1996, when i bought my 1st Intel computer, there was just one company to get online with, and then i was limited ,,,,get this,,,to 40 hours a MONTH!!  It was so slow,,that was no problem,,lolllololol.  That first computer wouldn't connect, and i had fits for months,,about 4, taking it back and forth to Best Buy.  Left it there once, and a few days later they told me it was fixed, so off i went to get it.  I asked them if they had plugged it in and checked it, and they lied,,said yes.  Got home,,NOT fixed.  I was furious by then.  Called Houston, and they sent 2 people to my house, and they still couldn't fix it!!!,,Can anybody guess what the problem was?  They had replaced the modem.  Maybe more than once by then.  The last one that spent hours on it, asked me to call him if i ever got it fixed and left his number.  Ended up with the company picking it up, taking it to Houston, and sending it back in about 3 days.  I called and asked,,,????,  and the only problem,,all this time!!! was,,,the modem was plugged in to the wrong slots!!!  This was 4 months later.  I did call the man, and he said he had looked at that, but didn't change it.  When they had replaced it, they had just put it back the same.  That was the one that got blasted by the lightening later.

Got all my drugs delivered a bit ago.  I couldn't wait til the new drug store opened with the drive thru,,HA,, After i spent 20 minutes waiting in line cause they don't know how to run a drive thru, i gave up.

Ate my waffles about 11, after sleeping til almost 9.  I tried it without the ACs on yesterday, except i ran the one in the bedroom last nite.  Not gonna do that anymore, just too muggy.  Not a breeze at all.  In the 90s is just too much for me.  It is still cloudy.  All we can hope for,,,clouds,,not rain.

Going, going,,,gone,,,yall tc, and