Friday, January 6, 2012

Where are the Blogs?

Didn't see a lot of new blogs today.  lol, Must be a lot taking time off, too. 

Had some other things i had to do this morning, so i'm late.  But, got them done.   Had to write a letter of recommendation for my sis, and look up some other things.  This is how my time slips away, i look up and it's just gone.

Just had lunch, sausage roll, with pico, and potato salad.  Had a burger from the Sonic for supper last nite, a single meat one.  What i do is,,i cut the meat patty in half, then take half the bun off.  That way i have a double meat 1/2 of one,,lol, fills me up.  Wow, they have gone way up on the price too.  From 2.19?,,,up to 2.89 now.  Don't get one but about once a week.  Gotta remember to go on Tuesdays,,1/2 price day.  On those, anyway.

On Fridays, the paper has an 8 or 10 page section that is Fry's.  I don't need anything but like to look thru it.  Still kinda looking at those tablets.  Do NOT want a 7", gotta be 9 or 10.  More and more coming out all the time, and prices getting better too.  I don't need to be doing this,,,cause if i find a bargain, uh,,,u know.    That sure has em.  Don't go there very often.  But, if yall are interested, check it out.

Got lots of old bread to feed the geese out at the park.  My son gave me 2 loafs.  They LAUGHED when i told them, those things recognized my car!  Well, they do.  I  can tell how hungry they are, by how fast they come running and screeching.   Sometimes, not at all.  I never had those, nor guineas but would have liked the guineas.  They are like guard dogs too.  They don't miss anything.

Rambled enough today, yall tc, and