Friday, September 16, 2011

They Took That Whole,,Cherokee Nation,,,,

OOO MERCY,,,who ever decided a house had to be cleaned?  I have to do it in spurts, so today i've done my do, 'til,,,well, whenever.  LOLOLOL  But, my floors are clean.  No shower yet, so, not me.  Just now ate lunch, can call it that since it's well past noon.

Hermit Jim sure brought up something very dear to me.  I'm part Choctaw, my great grandmother lived on that OK reservation.  She married a white man, and that started my line.  But, my grandmother, her dotter, was ashamed of being 1/2, so when she had to get a birth certificate in the 30s, she put the wrong names on it.  Didn't want it known that she was 1/2 Choctaw.  No way now, to trace it.  Me, i'm dam proud of it.  Then later, found out my kid's dad was the same blood, but from another tribe.  And just last year, found out my Dad's side had a connection too!!! Wow.  I need  to get back to that.  I have a whole lot to look into, from his side.

But,,anyway,,i have read about that Trail of Tears too, really really sad!!!.. They put the Cherokees in cattle pens, 'til they could ship them out from their Cherokee Nation, there in the SE.  Kept them in those during horrible winter conditions, let them die if they couldn't withstand those conditions.  Remind u of someone?  Then, the survivors in OK,,tried to rebuild thier nation, but,,here they came again,,,greedy bastards, the good ol US of A.  Took everything away from them,,,again!!! Set up a small reservation, put them on it, and there they are still, today.  Wonder when they will lose that? 

OK,,done with that.  And,,today they have found a body of a white man, down there on a little island off of Port Aransas, and think it's the missing man i was talking about yesterday.  Was teasing BB about it.  Really strange conditions, tho.  Name is Christopher Tiensch.  Went missing from his hotel room Sunday nite.  Taking nothing with him.  You can look it up at,,,
Got my curiosity aroused for sure.  Had a woman,, out at Buchanan Dam, go missing, kinda the same.  Last seen waving at her dotter, standing in her driveway, in her robe.  Nothing gone, but her.  I mean, her purse, keys, cell phone, all still there.  Found her, gosh, i think, about a year later, tied up with chains, to a sunken boat.  On the bank of Inks Lake, BB.  Not where u were, but on down, around Kindsland.  All kinds of things turn up when these lakes get low.   Like, a man in a barrell filled with cement. 

My spell checker's not working, so yall just have to make do, today. 

Hobo must be at hard labor now. hahahaha,,,Sis caught all that blogging!  Hey Joe,,sneak some back on here, we miss ya.

Have to keep on reminding myself it's Friday, whatever that means.  Guess all it means anymore, since i don't party all week end, is,,,things will be closed,  won't be able to pick up things if i need them.  Not that i need anything now. 

Gonna get that shower done, so,,,HAGD