Monday, June 6, 2011

I Don't Have a Signature, I'm Just 10

OMG,,, lost my new post, trying to correct it. Rewrote the whole thing, then it wouldn't post. OK,,,here's the link for the story.
Not gonna rewrite everything now. Thot i had found a way to edit a post, but,,,NOT. Wouldn't publish after i did.
DD, thx for ur comment on yesterday's. U know i read urs every day, don't ya, u should, after u went missing. lololol
Thot i was coming down with something yesterday, had a sore throat coming on, then all nite my nose was running water. Throat fine today, but head stopping up. took an allergy pill earlier. Where did this come from???? What u got down there DD? lol, something blew in.
OMG, been wanting to reach for a cigarette all morning!!!!, and it was 3 years on 5-1 that i had quit. Worse today for some reason. Almost never happens, but it does. Probably will do that forever.

Talking about stupid cops, brings to mind a story about my son and a brand new yamaha. Took it to the dealership in Austin for the 500 mile checkup, and they loaded it, WRONG, with him telling them so, and it fell over and got scratched within blocks. And yes, he went back!! Then,,got on it after he got back here, and it was missing!! So here he goes, across a big parking lot, gunning it, doing wheelies, and,,,came down on a brand new Cadillac side mirror!! He was more upset over his broken tail lite than that car. The 2 old people had been coming out of the store and saw it happen, and they worked it out with him telling them he would fix it. But then a cop drives up, someone had called it in. The cop hemmed and hawed around, but didn't know anything to do about it, so told him to take it home. He did, and about an hour later, here comes the cop. He had gone to the office and looked until he found something he could ticket him for, and came to the house to do it!!! Is that fair??? I sure didn't think so. But he and the cop became friends later. And, he and his dad fixed the Cadillac ,,,to perfection. One nite when he was still a teen, i heard on my scanner a cop saying he was gonna stop him for having red lites on his hood scoop. The sheriff told him to just tell him they were illegal and leave him alone! lololol They all knew he was a good kid, and still is. The cop was from another place here in the county. And yes, he knew the lites were illegal, but didn't use them much, had a switch inside. But after that, he took them off. He was a wiring genius. One time when he was 14, a man called and asked him if he would rewire a Lincoln wiring system that had all burned out. He did.

ok shower time, yall tc