Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Doing Great!

He's still in ICU today but hasn't seen the doc yet.  Had had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and done physical exercise sitting up ,,, when I talked to him a bit ago.

As for me, i'm taking the day off, and resting.  Didn't wake up til nearly 8:30, and I know I will nap today too.  Even tho you just sit,, when you're there, it still wears you out.  I think it's not having my chair,,,lol.

Can't talk about anything else because that's been my life for OMG,,, 2 weeks today! 

Yall tc, and



  1. I'm glad things are finally looking up. You really need the rest now.

  2. Having a loved one in the hospital sure would tire anyone out. Sure glad he is doing so good. Thanks for the update. We care.

  3. So glad to hear your son is doing so much better. You take care.

  4. Well, now i'm dreading him coming home,,,hahahaha,,,Know what he'll be like, got a taste of it yesterday. No matter what I said it was wrong, even tho I was repeating what the nurses had said. My dotter and I talked about that last nite. We were kinda hoping they would move him into a rehab place for a bit,,let him get his feet back under him, so to speak. He gets to thinking he knows what's best for himself, no matter what he's been told, and that's when the conflict starts, BUT, he's getting well, just another step.

  5. STILL in ICU??? And then YOU will need a psychiatric hospital after he comes home!