Saturday, March 29, 2014

How do You Like It?

When I first saw the beginning,, I thot,,OMG! 
But,, it kinda grew on me, and by the time all that trim was done, it looks really good.  After all, I used yellow and chartreuse, (the color of bachelor buttons.)
One time, I had those growing at the back, and my  niece walked around the corner, sucked in her breath and went ooooo wow… They had grown window high, and were just beautiful. 
They came back for several years, but finally died out, don’t know why.
I’m wondering now, if the glucosamine sulfate is actually helping my hip and wrist.  I’m almost totally pain free!  I ordered a new supply, just in case…we’ll see.
My blood pressure and sugar have been up, gotta see what’s going on with that.  Don’t want to add that diuretic back, nor take more metformin. 
I saw on one of those morning shows last week, about doing 1 minute of intense exercise per week to put you in shape and lost weight.  They talked about doing 20 seconds at a time, but didn’t get if that was per day, or 3 times a day, 3 times a week.  lol,,, whatever, I’m doing it.  He has a book out,,of course, but,, gonna do it from what I saw on the tv show.
Thot I remembered how Mother made her biscuits.  I swear she said just self rising flour and water…. HA,, that didn’t work.  Asked everybody if they remembered but nope, so I looked it up online and tried one, and it’s ok.  Lots better than what I had done before…lol.  My sister N said reg. flour and baking powder, etc, but I knew that wasn’t the one I remembered.  I’ll try another one next time, see what I come up with.  Anybody know?
Yall tc, and