Saturday, November 3, 2012

Raining While I'm Writing

Still seems a little strange not to be doing the countdown for Js surgery.  I talked to him about an hour ago, and they were about an hour away.  He said they took that drain out about 4 this morning, and it's a 100% better.  It was making his back hurt to lay on it, or to wear the brace.  No problem now, he said.

There was a 64 year old lady next door, had the same exact thing done.  I had talked to her husband when he was waiting on her to get back from the surgery.  Her second one.  Hope J visited with her.

I was supposed to go out to Ns house for a get-together for her birthday and her dotter's, but,,,just too darned tired.   Took the gifts to B to take with him,,hopefully he remembers,,,lolololol. 

WOW!!! It's raining....Love it.  This is ahead of a front that's gonna cool us down a little.  Gosh, i'm ready.  Slept with the ac on last nite.  When i got home Thursday, my yard had been mowed,,,couldn't figure that out.  Then this morning my mower man came by and yep, he had done it.  Still hoping it's the last one for the, but i remember mowing in Feb. and fussing about that...

Getting a good little shower. 

Yall tc, and