Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rescue's Gotta Go

The reason i haven't posted is because there was NOT ONE comment on the last one!  No one even said a word about  the cat pics.  I'm sorta like BB, getting down and seeming to have nothing to write about anyway.  And today is no different.  NOTHING.  I had been asked for pics of Rescue, and i put 2 on here, soooo?????

Maybe it's an age thing.  I will be 71 next month, and i'm sure not doing as well as even 10 years ago.  That's depressing enough.  I have a hard time walking, and i know i need to get out and do it every day, but,,,,do i?  Nope.

I am taking Rescue somewhere today, he's been here long enough.  Waiting to call my son, telling him he has to go.  When my Jude won't even come in the yard, cause Rescue chases him, time to go.  He did chase off a big dog while ago.  And i know he's wanting to play with Jude, but Jude doesn't know that.  I had a male cat run off one just like Jude before, not gonna happen again.

Looking like it might rain.  More chance later today and tonite.