Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where is Jo?


I’m talking about JoJo, that I see on HJs blog all the time.  Does she have one?  I sure hope so.  If anybody knows, plz let me know.

Gosh,,,I’m just a little sore today,,,and my cut finger is just a little sore,,,too.  Was getting kinda bad last nite, so,, neosporin and band aid time. 

My BD flowers are looking kinda sad today.  Wish they were like these in my bathroom., Stays forever.


And I did get a fairly good pic of the window,,so maybe you can tell how,,,sparkling,, it is.  lolol.



Gonna cook another pan of venison,,back strap, today.  And made sure I will have good gravy and biscuits this time. lolol,,,Got a couple of mixes for the biscuits, and not gonna use that powdered milk I did before.  I don’t drink milk, so for cooking I keep powdered, and I did not know, it could get out of date, but it was, and tasted bad.  Think I just might go ahead and cook the meat, nibble on it.  After all, I just finished my oatmeal,,,But geeeezzzz,,,talk about that venison, I’m hungry again!

BBL,, probably,,,but, if I’m not.