Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One More Time

Still experimenting.  Think this might be ok now.  This is about all the geese running to me, and i sure felt bad, didn't have anything for them.  There's 13.

Hobo J, i did the preview thing,,,thx. 
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Heyyy,,,i'm Lost Here

WTH has happened with blogger?,,,A whole new set up here. hmmmm, i sure didn't do anything i don't think.  Gosh,,,using picasa do this?  Don't see any sign anywhere.

Just read Hobo's post, and remembered back a time we all went to a mall, yeah i did,  hubby and 2 young teen age boys.  Well, i needed a book so when we got to the part with the book store, i told them i needed to go in there for just a minute.  OMG,,,,should have heard em all!!! Do we have to?,,i don't want to! Griping, groaning like it was the worst thing imaginable.  They drug in behind me, i went and picked up the book i needed, told em let's go,,and went on to the check out.  I COULDN'T GET THEM OUT!! It was,,,WAIT!,,,JUST A MINUTE!  I don't wanna goooooo.  They had each found a whole new world in there, books, books, books, on the subjects each one loved.  From then on, it was,,,can we go to a book store?  We could just pass one somewhere, and it was,,,stoppppp. Go back...

Hey, i like this new thing!,,,It just expanded this page down automatic.  Wow.  It's plain, no phychodelic background tho.  Boring blue and white.  Wonder if i can get my old one back.  hmmmm.

Hermit J,,,on the pics,,no matter what size i put on here, u can click on them and expand to full size.  I have to do that a lot to see things teeny tiny in some of them.

I told my son a few years ago, and maybe he had never realized ,,,that they grew up different than other kids.  We were into motorcycles wayyy back, and i had my own (wasn't gonna ride behind anybody!) back in the early 60s.  Only female i guess.  But then,,,each of our kids had their own too.  Starting with the really small ones, on up.  Size i mean.  Like in,,height.  We took them to all kinds of races, drags, drag boats, motorcross, round track,,all kinds.  Then about their teenage years, we got into running our own cars in the drags.  Hubby ran GTOs, and so did my oldest son later.  A lot of his friends got into it too.  We took their friends along too.  Gosh, now i think about sitting out in that heat for races, had shades tho, except for a couple, makes me think,,how in the world?  lololol.   We went to Austin a lot of week ends, just to see a movie, eat out at a good place,,none here.  On their birthdays, they got to choose where to eat. lololol,,,youngest always chose Burger King.  My bro B was just 4 years older than my son, so he was almost always along too.  We had lots of fun, with our kids.  Had empty nest syndrome for a long time.  Was divorced by then too.

Ok,,enough of my history.  Gonna post this and see what shows up.