Monday, June 17, 2013

Still Hanging On

My sis said she'd come by and cut my toe nails,,,yeah, can't even do that.  She doesn't do it for a living, but she is a beautician.  She has dystonia in her arm, hand and way back when she was going to school for this, is when the dystonia showed up.  Took 7 doctors over time to diagnose it, it was so rare.  She even had a trake? (the breathing tube) for a few years, but a doc in Houston put her on a medication that controls it, and took the tube out.  It froze up the muscles from her hand into her neck, and made her not able to breathe.  Anyway,,,, that was the reason.  Now,,,where was I? lol.  She's the one the same age as my son.

Way back, when I first became single,,, I started going out with her, a friend of hers, and my dotter.  A new club opened just 15 miles away, and gosh, we had a blast.  That's when my 10 year old niece taught me the cotton eyed jo and shautice?  Now,,i could do alllll the other, but give me rock any time. 

Not sure if the Voice is ending this week or next.  Would hate to have to pick who's gonna win.. I sure do like Michelle and have since the beginning.  But,,,

Well, nothing going on that I know of, so yall tc, and