Sunday, July 3, 2011

McDs, Fireworks

Did i hear BB say he was cold? WOW, What is that?  Bring it to TX, BB.  With the rain of course.

I got out late yesterday to watch the fireworks, darkthirty.  When it got to 9:45, i came home.  They started before i got here. lolol,,,Too darn late for this ol body.  Of course, i could see them really good from my drive way, watched a couple of minutes, was enough.  Went to bed right after 10, slept til 9:30 this morning, with just 2 ups.  Nite before, i woke up sometime during the nite, shivering, freezing, out from under any cover.  Pulled it back over me, went right back to sleep.  Do like my bedroom cold.  Rarely run any heat back there in the winter, did a couple of days last winter, that's all.

I've had the Casey Anthony trial on all morning, closing arguments.  I don't think this will ever end.  Also don't see how anybody could think she didn't do it.  Death penalty?, No, life in prison, no parole.  My opinion.

Went to Marble Falls yesterday.  Walmart of course.  They didn't have the rain gauge i wanted, the great big one with the disk in it, and didn't have the silicon cover for this laptop keyboard.  They said Office Depot would have those, but,,,,nope.  Also, Home Depot didn't have the rain gauge either.  I ordered the cover when i got home.  No hurry for the rain gauge, right?  Damit.  Even after that little bit of rain, last week?, things have kinda greened up.  Stopped at McD's and got the double cheeseburger off the $1 menu, and the fries.  Had to take the top off the bun, but managed to eat about 1/2 of it, and that many fries too.  Band still working pretty good, but gonna get tightened Tues.  Will let u know what the loss is.

My son told me that all the kitties were there the next nite.  So they are still safe.  He said they were really hungry after the 2 nites they had been gone.  Even running off the big daddy.  He is huge, weighs about 18 lbs.  Son said as big as a bob cat.  He got bitten so bad, back in the winter, he had to take him to the vet, kept him at his house til he healed, but then he wanted to go home, so he took him back.  He protects the mom and his kittens very good.

Just saw Advair advertised on TV.  I was put on that back in the fall of 07 when i was diagnosed having COPD.  Also took the pneumonia vac.  In Jan. 08, had my first round of pneumonia. Never had it in my life, then after those 2 things, i'm having it.  May 1 was when i quit breathing.  Just before that, the doc took me off Advair.  Found out later, it can cause pneumonia!!!  It's in their ads now.

B and wife took off this morning for Carlsbad, then on to Yellowstone.  No plans, just do whatever pops up.  MY way to travel, lol.  No hurry either.  Told him our niece is out there somewhere too, and I KNOW it's a small world.  They were at Hoover Dam a few days ago, drifting back this way.   In one of her texts, she said they were just crazy, lmaooooo.  Texted back, wonder where u got it? hahahaha, she agreed.

Ok folks, so far, just a boring weekend around here.  Hope it's lots better for yall.