Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Upset, Just Now Can Write About It

Gonna be hot from what i can see for the next week,,and on, and on.  About time to take the cover off the front AC.  Rain?  HA.  At least my yard, (not a lawn) won't need mowing.

I went to see a woman that until about a week ago, i didn't know had been put into a nursing home here.  I stopped by her house a couple of times,  no one there, and then one day when i drove past, there were empty boxes on the front porch, and 2 big boys out in the back, doing something.  That was when i suspected.  Then someone told me yes, she was.  That visit upset me so bad, i still have trouble thinking about it.  What is bringing this up, a friend called me this morning and had been by too, and was just as upset as i was.  The last time we had seen her ,,,at her home, just a few weeks ago, she was sharp as a tack, using a walker to get around, but in no way ready for a nursing home!  Now, we think she's so drugged she makes no sense when she talks.  I asked her why she was there, what had happened, and she didn't know.  They took her walker away, has to stay in a wheel chair.  WE think her 2 daughters decided to do this to her,,to get her out of her house so they can sell it.  And all her possessions.  She had signed everything over to them years ago!  I looked in the phone book and the one dotter i would talk to, isn't listed in there.  The friend is gonna get it, then i'm gonna find out some things!  I played baseball for years with this person, then worked with her in an insurance office for 8 more years.  This is giving S and i nightmares, thinking,,OMG,  that could be us!  She's the same age as my Mother, and her oldest dotter is my age.

My Mom worked in a nursing home the last years she worked, and would watch for things like this.  She was a charge nurse.  Had seen it lots of times.  It's the place of family to stop the drugs unless THEY want it.  The docs will over-medicate to keep patients quieter.  Anyway, this has really horrified S and I.  There, but for the grace of God, go I.  S and i both said, we will never sign property over while we are alive.  I feel i could trust my 2, but,,,,,,

My leg is healing good.  It's gradually going away.  My camera stays in the car, or i would take another pic.

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