Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gotta Quit Looking at Sales!

Ok,,here it is,,almost 1 pm,,so it's not good morning,,but, good day to yall.  I'm still sitting here, just got thru reading the blogs, emails,,etc.  But the reason is, my dotter came by and stayed a while.

And, i did get this floor mopped, had so much fuzzy stuff i had to do it!  Gets that way kinda easy. I'm gonna blame it on Jude,,,lol.  He is really scratching lately, don't know why.  Not fleas.  The x told me theirs were doing it too, and the vet didn't even know why.  Assume allergys of some kind.  So that's how it's getting a lot of ,,fuzzy, in here.

Slept good last nite, but the nite before, i woke up one time and felt like it was hard to breathe.  I had been having a dream about being under water, not being able to get my breath, so,,then i wake up.  Took a while to get back to normal.  Do any of yall have sleep apnea? *  As far as i know i never have, but could this have been an episode?  Hope it never happens again,,,don't want to wear one of those masks.

Gosh, it's just toooo easy to order something online!  Got a darn email about crocs being on sale 75% off, so,,yeah u guessed it,,i had to order a pair.  I had looked for these over at Ace and they didn't have this style, and guess what color i ordered?  lololol,,,RED of course.  I'm just not a black or brown person!!!  Or white for that matter.  Gotta have COLOR!  It's a sling back with a solid toe.  Something i can just slip my foot in, with or without socks.

I think all these web sites know i'm a sucker.  I did sign up on Google to quit getting all those ads everywhere i went, tho.  Like, every time you looked at something, the ads followed you everywhere.  But, like i told my dotter, if it's been a while, i don't remember how i did

 She said she gave her BF a laptop for his birthday, and he's totally green,,,hahahahaha,,,gonna be fun there.  Also, he got online, so he can take it with him when he has to drive the trucks everywhere in TX.  She couldn't get him to even come out and look at a hummingbird nest she found,,,too much to see, too many places to go,.,, lolololo.

Yall tc, and