Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Same ol, same ol

Well, it has cooled off, had to use some heat earlier today.  NICEEEE.

Also, had a starter put on my car,,, hope that was the problem..  When i was putting it in the car book, i saw where i had had one done about 2 years ago....Battery in Oct.. soooo,,, who knows.

I did get out and go do the early voting.  There was one person i wanted to see on the city council.  He gives em hell,,,goes to every meeting, asks about the whys and whatnots,,, like the spending, etc.  Keeps them honest.  They even kicked him out of one not long ago.  lol.  He sure won't be a yes man to anybody, like others that get elected and forget who put them there.

OOOO yeah!  The new mayor and city manager looked over all our street closing folders, told us we were right on, (told him i knew that,,lololol) and that gate had to go!  So in the near future, that street will open up again,, and also, one that got closed years ago by a city council that didn't have us to stop it....haahhaha.

But, by then the river might be all dried up... No rain, lakes getting worse, just don't know what will happen.  Back in the 50s, i remember the river drying up, a cracked river bed.  Water was brought in by train.  You sure couldn't' water anything, barely could bathe,,,lol.  Then, it came down in a big roll, was lapping the bottom of the bridge by the time i got out of school.  Never has done it any more,,, yet.

Giving a report right now on tv,,about the drought.....

Saw a sign of termites a couple of weeks ago,,, again.  Every few years, i've had to treat my house for them.  The house i used to have, that my bro B has now,,,had them once,, was treated, and they never came back.  That was when they could use the good stuff.,, That worked.  DDT? lol don't know.

Time for supper, Idol will be on in a bit, so yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Found It

Yep, found that clippie.  It was in the corner,, like, a 6" space, behind something.  Don't see how it could get there, but it did.  When i had one of the teeth filled that it fits between, it's never fit as good as before, and the dentist worked on it a long time,, til i got tired of doing it, lol.

My g/dotter has posted something on facebook, about earth porn, and it has the most amazing pics.  I have cabin porn, gonna look for others now.  I put one up as my screensaver, and it is soooo beautiful..  A red fox curled up,, in Canada i think.

Took my cover off my front AC, and i will be using it later today,, i bet.  Says upper 80s for Austin, but we get a little warmer.

And, i have to go to the library today too.  Just like a few pages in my last book.  I usually get 3.  Need to find a new author today.  I've read all of James Burke, and Wm. Barnhart.  I have a list of good ones so it won't be hard.

We got a pretty good rain late Monday,, kinda stormy.  Had quite a bit of hail, up to a 1/2", and a few quarter size.  I think there was lots more up the river, so maybe it'll get on a rise.

That's all i've got, so tc, and


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back Again

Darn it, i've been looking all morning for my clippie, tooth, and still haven't found it.  I even went thru the trash,, yuk.  Wasn't a whole lot in it, tho.  I always take it out, and put it in the holder with water, and it's not there.  Soooo,,, have NO idea where it could be, now.  I take it out after i eat supper.

Way back, i was eating lunch at a local bar b q place, and the last bite i took, had something hard and broke that tooth all the way thru the root.  Had to go right then and get it pulled.  This "clippie" just snaps in and has worked so good.  Guess i'll stay toothless there,,,,lol.  I think it's the eyetooth.

My car is still starting, and a couple of times sure did take a long time to do it.  I still wonder every time if it's going to or not.  Kinda bad.  What if i have to go out of town?  At least here, i can call for help.  I carry jumper cables, and the 2 jumper boxes quit working.  If it does it when i'm out somewhere, i can at least see if it's the battery or not.

I don't know how many of yall like the games online, but my favorite is www.onlinebandit.  It's with real people and has lots of different ones.  I like ludo best.  Painted yatzy is good too.  I think DD mentioned them.

Yall keep your eyes out for my clippie,,, lol.  And tc,


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Been Awhile

Haven't had anything to say, so stayed away.  Still don't.  lol.

I did turn my AC on in the bedroom last nite, and slept good.  It's been HOT.  I don't think i'll need it again for a while, but you never know.

I'm still doing great with the hip, leg problem.  I've been telling everybody about glusoamine and others are saying they are gonna try it too.  I did cut down on the dosage, and am now taking 2000 mg a day, not 4000.  I looked it up online and it was recommended to take by the 500s.

My car is still starting, but yesterday, it barely did.  I got home and haven't tried it today.  Of course, it's the weekend.  I will have to get out later, need a few things from the grocery.

See, told ya i didn't have anything to say, so yall tc, and


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our Easter Spell?

Always heard there would be an Easter Spell, and this sure  seems to be it.  High yesterday as far as i know, was 60.  I had heat on til i went to bed.

The girl had a 3rd surgery on Fri,,, i think, and she is moving her fingers now, which is a miracle.  She also called my nephew to assure him there is no fault finding.  He and his gf are going to see her
today.  In his mind he will always be at fault, and live with the "ifs".

No plans today, and we got a sprinkle of rain early this morning.  And, it's all gone now.  There ARE bluebonnets all over, but i think it would have been all blue if there had been more rain.

And, wow, it just started raining,,, lol.  Lightly.

The wind blew a big limb off a tree onto my roof.  I had kept hearing a noise during the storm, (almost storm) Fri nite, and my 2 bros came by and got it off yesterday.  Now it's laying by the curb, not sure what to do now.... hope the city will pick it up.

The country music awards come on tonite, and i'll probably watch them,, for a while anyway.  Love Blake.  The judges are hilarious on Voice.

Got up and came back, and now i lost my train of thots,, lol,, so yall tc, and


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great News

The bullet from the 30/30 went thru the girl's arm, then thru her side, nipping her spleen and liver, and that surgery went fine.  They did 2 surgeries on her arm, then said she would need maybe 2 more.  WE are so thankful, first,, she's alive,, 2nd, she didn't lose her arm!!  My nephew felt just a little better after knowing that, but still is not good.  Of course he blames himself.  If this, if that, you know.  He and his girlfriend,, her friend, went to Austin yesterday, the hospital, and stayed there.   My bro and sil went too,  but none of them could see her.  Her bp went up when anybody went in.  She was wanting to see him and her friend, tho.

He has used guns since he was small, and has NEVER been careless with one.  In fact, he was being safe by taking it out of his car to leave at the house, and he went into a dark room not knowing she came in behind him, to unload it.  Those kind of guns are not safe.  His dad, my bro, said it had done him that way too.  My shotgun unloads that way, and i always hate to unload it.

I haven't said this to anybody,,, she will have something to tell with pride all her life,,, "i was shot with a 30/30 and lived thru it",, but he will always have the horrors of it.  They are both victims, and both families are having a bad time too.

My sil is having a bad time, with all the calls, etc, asking questions.  She tried to go back to work today, and got thru the door, and turned around and went home.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 1,, Horrible Day

Hope this doesn't upset anybody,,, when i went to the bathroom for a BM, it was a LOT of blood,,but when i stood up, or set down, it would quit.  Had to go a lot over the next 2 hours, and in time it started to clot, so i knew it was stopping.  I had kept wondering whether to call an ambulance, or wait and see.  I did call and got a doc's appointment for 10:15, and after a couple of hours, it had stopped.  I was glad i waited, found out it was a little tear and got a cream to use.  There were also a few small hemorrhoids.. It hasn't come back.,,, BUT,,,  Thot i would tell this in case there were some that have never had this happen, like me.

I had been home about an hour, after the doc.,and heard on my scanner that an ambulance was called to my bro Bs address... I called him and asked, hey, what's going on?  He and SIL were headed to Temple for a doc's appointment she had,, and he told me nobody was there, so i said maybe they got the address wrong.  THEN,,heard something about a gun shot wound, amputated arm,,,calling a helo, and sil calls me,, I didn't tell her all i was hearing, just that i was going over there.... Good thing all the cops were there, i flew.  There were LOTS of vehicles there flashing lites,, gonna have the helo land there, (changed their mind and went to hospital),,,

Found out it was an 18 yo girl, friend of nephew,,  shot thru the arm, then thru stomach, out the back, with a 30/30.   I couldn't get to him but his sister, (niece), came around the house about the time my bro B called back, so i handed her the phone and let her tell him what was happening...Nephew was still sitting in the floor holding her.

They had  stopped by his house,, fixing to go to Kingsland, and he took the gun out of his car, and in the process of unloading it, his thumb slipped off the hammer and it went off.

After they had her loaded up, i followed him out to their patio, and then his sis came back there too.  I knew he sure didn't need to be alone.  So we all stuck to him like glue.  I was the only one with him, and he kept saying he wanted to be alone, and got up when i answered my phone, and took off thru the pasture.  As soon as his sis came back, i told her, and she took off after him, but didn't find him.  You can't believe how all of our family started showing up about that time, and another 2 nephews took off down there and called back that they had found him.  We all stayed there til niece and he left together.

I'm probably not making much sense,,, but i pointed it out to my other bro, G, and dotter,,, this is what "family" means.  We were all there, the ones that lived in town.  Since this appointment sil had, took 3 months to get, and there was nothing they could do at that time,,,they went on, and kept in touch.  B called me about 9 last nite, and told me the girl was stable, after the surgeries,, fixed her stomach, and maybe would need more on arm,,,BUT,,OMG,, she was alive, and wouldn't lose her arm!!!

Don't know what's happening today,, haven''t heard anything.

We had had a prayer together while we were all still there, and i KNOW our prayers were answered and helped that girl.  I will add a note when i hear an update today.  In the meantime, tc, and