Monday, February 16, 2015

Good News

My new laptop will be here tomorrow!,, Might be days before I get back here, lol. I've done a lot with this one, and it's a good one for how old it is. I updated, cleaned, lol, updates were like 92,,i put them on and left for the day. It's not too slow, just at times. It has win7 so it's not really old. Did find out I won't have a 15".

I'm so sick of appointments! When I get these next 2 done, I still have to make more. The sleep study is Sunday nite, then the lung doc, is 3-2.  After those, gotta get a late mammogram, and a late eye check done. My eyes are lots better since I started using allergy drops.

I have pics I'm not gonna put on til I get the new lt going. The city is dredging out the river, getting rid of sand so it'll hold more water above the dam. Took some of that yesterday. Got other things too.

A friend told me how good those Smart Ones frozen lasagna dinners were, and YES, really good. Just ate one of the chicken enchiladas, which are super. I loaded up at Walmart and liked to have not gotten them all in my freezer. Got a bag of sweet potato fries too, but haven't cooked any yet. I think maybe all of that brand are excellent.

Got a call a bit ago, from Fed Ex, saying that puter will be here tomorrow, and need a signature. Didn't say what time of day, sooooo,,, have to wait til is shows up.

Well, yall tc, and