Friday, October 14, 2011

Critters Everywhere

For some ungodly reason, i decided to make TWO scrambled eggs for brunch today, and 2 pieces of toast.  Welll,,,i've gotten about one down, and the rest is sitting here staring at me, saying "eat me, eat me, even tho i'm cold".  The other is like a lump in the middle of my chest.  When this happens, i just have to wait it out.  It'll go away eventually.

WOOOHOOO, for BB!!! He made it back, and his "yard" looks good to me.  I know he doesn't have any fish to eat, but,,,, Hey BB, how bout a can of tuna?

Good gosh, i keep hearing about skunk problems. lolol.  Now it's one under someone's house.  I went out one morn bright and early to get the paper and nearly ran over one, he took off and i did too.  I'm a little more careful now. lololol.  Besides, that's where i found the rattlesnake,,back there.  Did i ever tell ya, one day i was out there and saw this long coral snake and thot, gosh, i'm gonna catch that thang, it was so pretty, and about 3 feet long.  I planned on giving it to my bro.   They can't bite except on a itty bitty place,,can they?   So here i went, chasing that thang,  finally caught up enough to step on it, but sure didn't stay in THAT position with it trying to bite me, THEN when i moved my foot it went under some stuff there behind my store room, lost it.  Well,. later that same day, i saw on the news about these kids catching one and playing with it, and got bitten of the side of the finger.  THEY CAN BITE ANYWHERE!!!  That's a myth i've heard always.  And it's NOT TRUE.  They really can bite anywhere, just like any other snake.  Red n yellow, kills a fellow.  All u have to remember.  But it is really really rare for one to be that long.  That thang coulda bit my whole foot off, if i hadn't been so fast.

Did i tell ya, got almost all my Christmas shopping done?  Don't do much any more, just close family.  And, i shop online,have it brought right to my door.  Just don't know how i ever did without the internet.  Lol, been using it since 96, and i think i've mentioned it before, but here is in the sticks.  So when i got my first pc i had ONE choice for service, and was limited to,,,get this,,40 hours a MONTH. Yep, u heard me.  If i remember right, which is rare, i had a compaq 286.  and thot i was in heaven.  I had taken 5 months of classes, could even take one apart and replace things, add things, etc.  Nothing to it.  Well, my modem wouldn't work, so for the next 4 months, here we all went, back and forth to Best Buy, which was a trip to Austin, repairmen sent to the house,,,the whole thing, nobody could fix it.  Finally, compaq in Houston picked it up, spent 3 days with it and brought it back.  Me, and one of the repairmen, wanted to know HTH they fixed it.  And all it was, after all these months, was, the modem was plugged in wrong!!!!. I called that repairman and told him that, and he said he had looked at that, but didn't change it.  He had spent hours sitting in my floor trying to make it work.  The others never knew.

Got some chili con queso made, been keeping it to snack on, and sometimes it makes me a meal. lol.