Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Been a Few Days

Just noticed how long it's been since I posted.  What do you do?,,,Nothing going on, so,,,????

Still warm, gonna change, nuff said about that.

Got my windows open, love to air the house out.  Running a fan at nite to sleep.

Anybody doing super bowl?  I'll probably go by bro Bs,,get in a pot or 2, make it a little interesting.

I use a silicon skin over my keyboard, and I wanted to order some more.  Spent hours trying to find one I could use, no luck.  They have to be long enough, wide enough?,,,So,,guess i'll try to wash this one.  Found the instructions on how to do that,,lol.  Then, was in there with my desk top, and OMG,,there was a package with another one in it.. lmao.  Not sure  if it's a used one or not, can't tell.  So maybe i'll wash both of them.  Not enough info on the package to order some more.  Sure keeps my keys from sticking, getting dirty.  A dell techo, told me he cleaned his with a hair dryer,,,run it til the sticky spot dries out, then dump it.  I did that, then ordered these skins, so it's still clean.

J started therapy today, will be twice a week for 4 weeks.  I think this will help a LOT.  She seemed to know exactly what he needed!  Sooo glad for him to get a good one.

Yall tc, and