Monday, February 21, 2011

Trial Time

Been busy today.  Monday is my volunteer day with respite, from 9:30 to 2:30.   We take a person with altzheimers and give their caregivers a day off.  There are games and activities, music with volunteer musicians, lunch from different businesses that volunteer one, today was pizza, and some kind of arts and craft project.  We work one on one so they are well taken care of.  We're still small but hoping to grow.  There might be a total of 20 each week.  I worked in home health care for a lot of years prior to retirement, and some was with altzheimer patients.  Just had trouble with one, sitting with her in Seton Hospital in Austin one day.  She was just fine until about an hour before her family got there to pick her up, and whoaaaaaa,,,,,First thing was, I stole her car keys and she was going to meet her husband (been gone for years) and out the door she went!!  Could Not convince her to come back into her room,  even when 3 nurses showed up to help.  She got quite belligerent, loud,  and was nothing any one could do, even the 3 nurses.  Finally,,,, her family walked in,,,,whewwww,,,we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Making this short, being the first, gonna see how I'm gonna like this.  Sooo ,,,,bye for now.  Gotta change the time,,off 2 hours.