Thursday, December 5, 2013

the Blast

What can I say?  It got here, and tomorrow will be our bad day, maybe sleet, snow, or stuff.

Went to my Doc yesterday, found out my blood sugar is great.  Sooo, it is the meter or strips not working right.  She also is setting up a cat scan, and a mammogram.  The cat scan is to see what I need for either the hip or the nerve.  It's gotten bad again.  After the scan, I'm going to a pain management doc for help.   She told me the cat scan is lots shorter than an MRI.  I told her, no more of THOSE.

I got quite a bit done yesterday too.  Like, vacuuming, changed my sheets, put a cover over the little ac in this room.  lol, That's a lot for me.  I also took a hydrocodone too.  Will also, before that cat scan.  She told me to add another gabapentin for the nerve pain.

Looking at all that snow on the news.  Sure is beautiful,,,but, sure don't want it here.

Yall stay warm, tc, and



  1. Good luck on the scan. Hope they find everything OK, but if something is wrong, I hope it is an easy fix. Glad your sugar is OK.

  2. Before the Doc will do anything, he has to see the problem.....

  3. Glad you are going to get that cat scan to determine what is the cause of the pain.

    They gave Gapapentin to mother as well to manage the burning sensation in her stomach.

    We all can't be JW of TFL and be super achievers. I too do a little at a time so I don't hurt my back.

    Stay warm!