Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Over the Hump Again

What has happened to my followers list???  Good ol Blogger seems to be always a problem.  Are the rest of u having problems too? 

HJs and BBs blogs today are  so sad, and it's our independence day Monday.  I will always salute our flag, and say under God, and Amen.  And God Bless  You all.

Going back to the lap band Doc on Tuesday, so no blog that day.  And it needs a little more fill.  I still don't know how much i have, what was put into it during the port replacement. Total capacity can be 9.

Missing DD today.  I guess i missed where he was going, just saw where he was leaving yesterday.  An hour away, lol.  Have a good trip, DD.  (Gosh, hope it was for fun).

Saw in the paper where almost all of the state is eligible for low cost loans, due to being disaster qualified.  One 72 year old farmer out in West TX said this was worse than back in the 50s.  I have a river flow map that is showing here as 22cfs today, not the 1 it was, last time i looked.  That is right here in town.  So, having a little hope now.  And sending lots of prayers. 

 Weeks seem to fly by, and in just 9, we'll get to Sept, which i always can have hopes of a cool front.  Remember one time, kids were young, and had to go swimming at the pool almost every day.  This one year, we had a blue norther come blasting down here for the last week end, on Labor Day.  They insisted on going, and were the only ones there. lololol,,,they turned blue, life guard was all wrapped up, and probably wouldn't have jumped in to save anybody!  The kids lasted about an hour, water was warm, and they had had enough.  They had to stay in to keep from freezing.  Keeping my fingers crossed, want another!

My son would always "accidentally" fall in any time he got near water, anywhere.  So by the time he was 4, he got lessons.  He was like a fish, had to wear little fins on his feet, cause he thot he needed them.  He learned really fast, and was jumping off the high board the rest of that summer, with the life guard there just in case.  OK,, then along comes opening day the next year, he runs down the side about half way, jumps in, and ,,,,forgets to swim!!,,,After he bobbed up about the 3rd time, i told the life guard to please get him out.  He never had any fear, and later became a great swimmer on the swimming team.  Looked like a miniature body builder at 8.  It also cured his little bit of ashma, he got to where he could hold his breath and swim the whole length of the pool.  He could out swim anybody at the meets, but never understood that the one he was in, was just one out of others, and he was swimming for time.  He ran off and left em, but didn't worry about being really fast, cause he was so far ahead.  In all the strokes, too.  I loved to watch him do the butterfly.  He still goes there if he can do it after hours, to swim laps.  Me?,, never a water person. lol

Hunger calling, yall HAGD