Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back for a Bit

Sure glad to have some rain and cooler weather today.

Things seem to have gotten LOTS better with J.  He's doing therapy and walking now.  Quit all pills but 2, and it is an amazing difference in him.  No alcohol either.  The latest blood tests were done last Friday, and his doc told him, yesterday, to take some iron and B12 folate.  My B12 doesn't have folic acid and I told him he might have to buy it separate.  He's eating like a horse too.  Just wanted everybody to know.

Gosh, I turn on the tv, and ANOTHER explosion has happened!  At least it seems to be an accident, not terrorism.

Sure was enjoying the trip with DD,,,but at least they are in a beautiful place til repairs are done.  So sorry DD.

Well, after all my research, checking at the Walmart in Fburg, I finally ordered a Magnovox  recorder.  Seems to be the only one still made to work with my coaxial cable connection.  It is sitting on my table, and the instructions are horrendous.   loll... One cable hasn't come in yet.  The hook up is not too bad, but figuring out how to work it is.  I still have 3 hours of recordings on the old one and not sure when I'll watch them.

Well, J just called and invited me for breakfast, so yall tc, and