Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fishing Time



Almost could feel the burn one of those kids was gonna get.  Didn’t take em long to get that thing in the water and off they went upriver. 

The camping lady is still out there, lol, among all those jeep people.  But they were mostly gone yesterday.  She said she had found a job at the 7-11 here.  Hope she can get outa that place before the crawfish open comes up in about 3 weeks.  Biggest event here.  There’s a huge team roping competition, golf tourny, and tons of crawfish.  Goes on for 2 days.  I didn’t even go out there last year.  They had fenced off the park so that you couldn’t even park to listen to the zydeco music,,which was the only reason I went in the first place.  They bring in one really good band for that.  And of course,,country too, but,,,I leave.  Maybe with that new arena built across the hiway, maybe the crowd won’t be so bad.   There’s a huge washer tourny too, but I think B has quit running that, and playing too.,  He and a partner used to win those all the time.   Read my post of 3-17-11 about one of his games,,,lolololol.

And yeah, I know it’s April Fools day.  Don’t pay any attention to that any more.  Just change my calendar,,,lol DD,,,NOW, it’s a new month…..

I’m getting outa here for a while,,,bbl, so yall tc, and