Monday, December 16, 2013

Beautiful Weather

Yeah, having such beautiful weather, can't believe it's Dec.  Well, way back I remember almost going swimming during the holidays, was so warm.

I so hated to hear about  Butterbean being killed in a wreck, this close to Christmas.  Just makes it harder.  To all his family and friends, my heartfelt prayers and sympathy are with you.  There's a link on RVSue telling about it.

I got my 2 appointments done this morning, a CT scan, and the dreaded mammogram.  Didn't mind that scan at all, took about a minute.  I looked up the difference in those and the MRIs, yesterday online.  I've already said I will never do another MRI, unless they put me to sleep.  The CTs, no problem.

I ordered my Christmas gifts online, on the 5th, and still haven't gotten them!!!  The bad weather between here and there affected all travel.  I did the tracking yesterday, and they are in Houston, so probably will show up today.  Just buying for my 3.  Not putting up my tree either.  AND, cooking a cabbage casserole,,,hahahaha,,, Sound anything like Christmas?

We have it at bro Bs, have to watch for rattlesnakes,,,lol.  Like, one time, here a bunch of us are, in the breezeway after lunch, and he said,,o yeah, my biggest one got out last nite!!!  I immediately froze, and looked around.  Like everybody else did.  He had brought in about 16 a week or so, ago.  Big ones, too.  The cold that day wasn't even slowing them down.  Probably has more now.

His wife started a family thing on facebook, and it's addictive!   She, or someone else, will post a question to our group, and OMG, some of the answers will make you laugh your azz off.  It really gets on a roll. 

Had to cook my chicken a little longer after doing it in my countertop convection oven.  Not sure why it didn't cook below the surface, but the potatoes and chicken down under, didn't get done.  Already did the potatoes in the microwave, doing the chicken now, in my toaster oven.  There was too much to use the toaster oven, and my large one needs a gasket.

Yall tc, and




  1. Yes, it is so sad about Butterbean. Thanks for letting us know. I hope your Christmas gifts don't get lost in the mail between Houston and you.

  2. I told my doctor I won't have any more mammograms because if they found something I would refuse surgery, chemo or radiation therapy. To my surprise she said okay. My daughter just had her first last year and said they told her it is much easier now - they don't have to clamp the thing on you until you are ready to scream. Evidently the technology is greatly improved, and I hope you find it a lot more tolerable than in the past.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Butterbean, especially it being an accident. You just never know how long you have to could be gone tomorrow :-(

    Glad you got the CT and mammogram done.

  4. Would you mind giving me a link to read about Butterbean? I can find nothing.

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