Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yall Know It's Hot?

We're back in the upper 90s,,, o well, got lucky for a few days, which was unheard of in July and August.  Told my bro i'm always glad to see Aug.,, means just 4 more weeks, (which fly for me) until we have hope... lol.  Seen COLD fronts show up in Sept.

I haven't felt worth a plug nickel since i went with my son to Austin.  That got me down for 4 days,, then i remembered cutting my potassium in half,, to try.  Went back, but still not up to par.  Is it the heat?  Can't go with him tomorrow for that myelogram.  He has to leave at 6AM, and it will take 3 hours to do. Then he still has to stay down for 12 more hours.

He was looking thru some papers and found one that said a nurse would call him 3 days before, and since he hadn't had one, he decided he better call them...OMG!!!  They wrote his appointment down wrong!  A day off.  It would have been HORRIBLE if he had gone today, and found out he had to go back tomorrow.,.OMG!  My daughter's BF is taking him and since he was a truck driver for the company she works at, the early hour doesn't faze him.  Hopefully the doctor will look at it and call him around noon tomorrow.  Under these circumstances.  It was all set up for today,,, even seeing the doctor.  If he can't call and tell him what's next, he does have an office in Marble Falls,, and will be there next week on Friday.

I haven't even cooked anything,, been eating junk and frozen stuff. And sandwiches.  And very little of that. O yeah, just remembered i was gonna make some chicken salad,, sounds good.....OK, got my eggs cooking.

Yall tc, and