Friday, December 11, 2015

DD, What'd You Say?

It took overnite for it to sink in.... You said,,,YOU'RE SELLING YOUR MOTORHOME!!!OMG,, you never even used it!!! OMG! Guess you might as well,, not gonna use it, get rid of it, huh.

But to me, it's so sad. Such hi hopes to blow and go, then it just stayed parked, wrecked it up moving it around in your driveway.

I had the RFA, radio frequency ablation, done Monday. Hasn't done it's thing yet, could take a week or more. And BB, don't be a wuss. The deadening hurt the worst. They did tell me later i did SUPER good, and by that they meant i didn't scream and holler...hahahaha,,, i thot she was joking, but she wasn't. I told her i would never have done that, had 4 kids and never did that either. She said we were old school, grit your teeth, take it. My son always took his mouth guard to use.

The nerves will take up to 3 weeks to be fully burned into, and the doc said she had high hopes on this one. (me). She did the deadening for 4 areas, then started the other... after one i said, 3 more... She said Nope, all thru.. hahahaha. Did the 4 from that.

You know, all this year i have been in severe pain, got to where i didn't know what i was gonna have to do, and asked about this. The tests weren't done til then! Why didn't someone tell me my options?
I guess it was because they kept passing me back and forth between hip and spine docs. Probably my fault, couldn't do that MRI.

BB, i'm concerned about you, so please get something done about your stomach, back,,and whatever else you need, ya hear? You need to get back to TX you know. Some of the greatest docs in the world are in Houston. Even if you have to stop and spend time on the way,,, soon as you can, do it.

Springtime, here. Been hot for days, and will be til Sat. nite, then a stormy front will go thru. Not much change tho.

I looked at the date yesterday,,, and it registered on me... 15 days til Xmas? OOOOO WOW. I've done nothing and might not. I do have the gifts, cause i do them way early every year...I buy gifts just whenever all year,,, put them away and have them when i want them. So never any last minute thing.

Ok,, thru with this, yall tc, and