Sunday, July 10, 2011

How Did a Can of Soup Bring All This Back?

Thot that DD was gonna blog on his trip. Haven't seen any yet. Isn't there always happenings along the way? That's why i like Gypsy's so much.

I couldn't find the soup i wanted here, the other day, so i came home and made my own potato soup. WOOOO,,good!!! Hope i can replicate it again. One time, i made some deer chili, kinda started with some directions, got to throwing in things, not knowing what i was doing. yummmm,,,best i EVER tasted!!, I sat down rite then and wrote down what i had done. Reminds me, lol, of an huge chili cook off way back, and bro B and my youngest, decided they would DECIDE which was best. So after all these cups went down the table for the judges, guess who was at the end to put thier own 2 cents in. There were 100 cookers, so lots to taste. Some they spit out, others made them grab water, and then some they put in the 'like' area. Later, i looked in my fridge and guess what i found??? All those cups of left over chili!!! Had to agree with them, tho. The one they decided on was the best, til i cooked the above one. Yeah, i had to taste too.

Still don't have all those things up there on my tool bar, means no spell check either. Just changed all on it's own yesterday. Has anyone tried the Google Chrome blogger? Sure wondering about it. This one has too many things that don't get fixed.

Haven't checked my tv list for today. Need to do that, i'm almost out of movies. Have to use them lots of nites when nothing is on. Whew, got 2 done, starting at 12, was 5 til.

Told on yesterday's blog, that i would post river flow. So, here is how i'm gonna do it.
J=Junction, M=Mason, L=Llano,,, so today's are:
J=39, M=25, L=6. No change since yesterday. The numbers are cfs.
Don't know how we are still in stage 3, and today is my watering day. Need to put what i can on trees in front. And shrubs. The hours are so bad for me, i don't even get my morning done. It ends at 10, so when i wake up at 9 or so, not enough time. Then, it doesn't start again til 8 tonite. Hard to get out later and cut it off.

Keep getting that error, not saving drafts, so i'm putting this out while i can.