Friday, July 8, 2011

Dum,,,,de DumDum

Read on another blog that DD is leaving, driving for 4 or 5 days,, and on HIS,,just had 'no blog'!!! And that's what i was gonna put on MINE! lmaoooo

So, here's just a little today.  We are back to stage 4 on water.  And i didn't even get any watering done.  Our forecast is BAD, thru the rest of the year, even into spring.  Only hope is maybe rain from a hurricane, tropical depression, or something on that order.  Our 2 car washes have big signs in front, well water, so they're still operating, but,,,conditions aren't good for wells either.  People pumping out of the river above us, are being limited now too.

There's an huge tennis tourny this weekend, in Austin.  The world Davis Cup.  And it's not on any channel i can get.  Who gets the tennis channel?  Besides softball, i was really good in tennis.  We had a club here at one time, and hubby and i were in it.  I could serve an ace that didn't even bounce, just kinda slid by.  Not hardly anyone could return one.  About the only sport i didn't play, was golf.  Just never was interested in it.  Told ya, i was a tomboy, lol.

I just don't know how the firefighters get out in those suits, and battle fires.  In this heat?  Around here, there's grass fires, well, brush, trees, etc. just called grass fires.  And everything is so burned up by no rain, very easy for one to get going.  Just something lying on the ground, can set one off.  When i'm out on the highways now, i'm noticing bare ground in the pastures, so maybe there won't be any bad ones.

I bought 2 huge cantalopes at the store a couple of days ago.  And i can't eat but a few bites at a time.  Told N to plzzzz come by and get one.  Her hens aren't laying enough now, so i'm gonna have to get eggs somewhere else.  She said she had a good talk with them about that, yesterday.  She's caught one of them eating her own eggs.  I told her Dad always put the egg shells, ground up, back in their pens.  She's gonna get some ground up oyster shell stuff today.  She's NOT gonna eat chicken!! lol  After all, we named them all, and Ms Clean is the one doing this.  She's white, and sooo clean.  The other white one is One Eye, lost her eye to the other rooster and hen.  Nearly killed her.  Now, those 2 didn't last the nite.

Nothing to write about today, taking a day off, hahahahaha.  byeeeee