Sunday, September 4, 2011

XP, Vista, 7

I'm BACK...Kinda, sorta, missed yesterday, just a little bit of a blog.  Lol, might be the same today.  OOO yeah, now i remember.  Wanted to tell you why i got vista, in a puter.  HAD NO CHOICE.  My xp died on me, and when i had to get one, the only thing they had at that time, was vista.  This was Dell.  My choice of puters at that time.  Soo, anyways,,,i hated that thang from the get go.  NOTHING was compatible, had to change everything i owned to work with it.  Like to never got the printer to work.  Had to contact each company so they could give me the updates for vista..You getting the picture now?  The printer company told me wrong, but finally sent me a cd that worked.  Their web site had left out a step in the instructions.  Whew.  Still not thru.  Spent hours on the phone with Dell, with other things too.  See what i'm talking about?  THEN,  a few months down the road, they had the nerve!!! to give u a choice, xp or vista!!!  So when Windows 7 came out, i was one of the first to get it, and loved it from the start.  When i got this laptop, that's what it had, so,,,didn't take me long to update that desk top to 7 too.  Did that with the download.  Vista was the worst disaster ever.

My nephew that came over to bring my doors in,,said he was in shock seeing the countryside around here.  He's going to college in San Marcus, where there's springs and things, and still green.   I'm still gonna go around the whole county taking videos.  Still waiting, things still dying.  Still drying up.  Like us, BB,,,hahahahaha, had to say that.

Brunch ready, and i'm sure getting hungry.  Got ham steak, potato salad, and v8. lol  Don't do veges well, unless i stir fry em.  Drinking them today.

 Reminds me,,loved that rum too.  Was my liquor of choice, but the lite one, bicardi.  That dark can make u mean,,,didn't u know that, BB? lololol  I was a happy drunk.  Was beer for years.  My bf told me one time, i was the only woman he'd ever known who could keep up with him and still function.  At the time, i was proud of that!  Couldn't throw washers til i had about 3 down, or more, but u better watch out then.  Even the kids wouldn't take me as a partner without asking how many beers i'd had.  Less than 3, was nope.  One time, we had a big bar-b-q, and set up a washer tourny for $1.00 a piece, just to have a pot.  We divided the experienced ones with the nons,,and one man got my 10 yr old g/dotter for his p.  He was frowning, doing his diappointed thang, til,,,,, she threw the first  time.  Was against my bro, B, who won tournys all around here, and when he put one in, she covered it, all thru that game.  After her first throw tho, that p of hers was grinning from ear to ear, and if HE had made just ONE point they would have won.  All our kids learned at a very young age, to throw em, so they could play with the adults.

That front hit about 1 1/2 hours ago.,  Slammed in here, making lots of noise.  Made me look to see what it was.  Wooohoooo.  Know i already told u about the Labor Day weekend when my kids were young, and it got just down right cold.  And they were the only ones in the swimming pool, everybody else had a little sense.  My son never had any body fat so he could just drink something cold and get chills.  This not that good, but sure beats what we've had.

Still no plans, but,,i hate to make plans anyway,  they're made to be broken. 


Had a good scare a bit ago.  The empty block across the street caught fire, and in this wind, was going fast.  It's not quite empty, has a huge ol falling down house on the corner right across from me.  That's what i was worried about.  I got in the car and left!  Went over a block and watched til it was put out.  Looked like it started at the edge of the pavement a block over, like from a cigarette.  The fire dept put it out real good.  Kept putting water on all the spots til they quit smoking.  The grass burned right up to the back of that house too.  But i could just see it crossing the street to my side.  whew,, No one lives next door, heard it might have sold tho.  All this belongs to the same people.  Cya tomorrow, just threw this in.