Friday, November 18, 2011


This doesn’t include the ones I emptied.  I kept some of the bottles to put other things in, like, salt I keep on the stove.
I couldn’t sleep last nite, got up once for a while.  My hand/wrist hurt.  2 of the prescription bottles had to be pushed down and turned and that’s what did it.  I have asked them not to use those.  From now on, I’m gonna return them!  I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and try not to aggravate it any more than I have to.
I have so much space left in my pantry now.  Just didn’t know what to put in it! lol.  Need to go thru the canned stuff now, get out the rusty, or swollen ones.  That’s right.  Somehow,, they get that way after time goes by.  I could almost quit shopping. 
I’m NOT liking X Factor’s choice last nite.  2 went thru that I sure could do without.  Then that Astro acted like a spoiled brat, and didn’t get kicked off….GRRRRR  I’ve never seen anybody do like he did last nite.  Says,,why should I perform for my life, if I’m already in the bottom 2?  Then didn’t even try.  I will never vote for him again.  Yeah, he’s 14, but,,,so are some of the others.  Simon jumped all over him, but then, voted for him.
Don’t know where these clouds have come from, but it sure is chilly.  Not sure how cold it got last nite. 
Got my oatmeal done,  cya later, maybe.

Close to 2 PM

HA,,,fooled ya didn't i?,,,Been mechanic-ing on a floor lamp, decided to not go get a switch, just throw it away.  Think i put one it before, it looks new.  But, it was smoking and i took the wires off, put em back good, didn't help.  All inside somewhere, so out it goes.  I have a little desk lamp, just right to use.  I've had it in a closet to see with, so,,,all's good.

OK,, just got a call, my new glasses are in, so adios...