Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well, here it is, after noon ,,,n i have NOT heard from either of my 2 kids yet. Wonder if they know tomorrow is Mother's day, lol. Not gonna sit around n wait to c. If i want to go somewhere, im gone. My mom died a few years ago, so i will go by the cemetery for a visit. Might go today.

Guess i gotta tell u the story of,,waking up the dead. Lost my first son when i was 19, and it hit me hard. Of course, we didnt have cemetery lots, so we went ahead n bought 3. Well,,,I just couldnt make myself go up there, for a long time,,about 6 months. When i finally could, THERE WAS A MEXICAN MAN BURIED IN ONE OF OUR LOTS!!!! I went right on down to the city office, and the city manager was a man i had known most of my life, n his family lived across the street from us when i was a teen. I went in,,,n said,,,"George,,just dont know how to tell u this, but theres someone buried in 1 of our lots." He went,,,OMG,,,jumped up,,,said, "I knew this would happen some day!!!" After checking it out, sure nuff, we had em first, so they had to move that man.,,,,OOO HORRORS,,,I sure wouldnt go back up there, then,,,afraid id catch them with him outa the ground all yukkkk,,,Well they did get it all done, and all was good. Until my Dad died. They had bought about 10 r 12 lots, and when he died, here come George again, to c Mother,,,saying,,"This had NEVER happened before, but somehow theres another person buried in 1 of ur lots". Mother looked at him,,,n said,,"o yes it has, George",,,n told him about mine. They didnt move that one, just did some trading with the lots to make it right. That was when that old man,,kinda a drunk,,,lost his job.

While i was gone, i got the call to schedule this port replacement. Ill call them monday n c what choices i have. And also, c how long the whole shebang will take. I deliberately do NOT give them my cell #. Back during my last job, made that mistake. And back then, had gotten a cell just for emergencys since i was on the road so much and therefore had just like an hour a month. After they called me twice on it, i changed my #, never gave it to them any more. They had given us the things,,oooo gosh, what were those things,,,oo yeah,,,beepers, to call so we could call them back. I asked why they had called my cell, the answer,,,,it was faster!!,,,well, they werent paying for it, so stay off.