Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Its Bad.,,,,Its BAD

Know its late, but what a day.  AND nite.... was up about 1/30 soaking that toe.  Made it til about 7/30 and got up, called that doc, and got an apt over there.  Had to drop off my laptop, go to grocery store, so,,why not c him and get this toe taken care of?  Which i did.  He got a big ol hunk of sharp nail out of the side, way down near the base.  Going back in 2 weeks n get the root removed, cure this problem forever.  He removes just the root on the side, and it still looks like a normal nail.

When i came out and looked at cell phone,,,there were 2 calls i didnt recognize.  The first one,  a lawyer, was saying something about needing to talk to this person today! (voice mail).  Tried to call the number back, couldnt, and couldnt leave a message either, so,,,hell with it..  LOLOL Think he'll ever believe that so n so didnt get his message??? hahahahah  Second one,,i did get, was a parole officer, did tell her that i SURE wasnt the one she wanted.  In just that short period of about 30 mins, these 2 calls were left on my voice mail.  Hope someone doesnt get a jail sentence over that. lmaoooo 

OK,,now to laptop.  Dropped it off at da man... and by the time i was thru over there, he was finishing up doing his thing.  Turned out,,,now lets c if i can get this straight,,,, my anti virus decided to overload, and just kept on n on.,,,every day collecteing data here, data there.  Went crazy, lost its mind.   Soooo,,,he couldnt delete all of that, so he just deleted IT.  Had put all my stuff over on another thing, took that off, put a free one, AVG, back on,, reloaded my stuff, and YEAH,,,, im GOOD.  Worst thing, ive got that same Kaspersky on my desktop too, now what to do?,,,,Know one thing, im calling them, and getting my money back.  AND the cost of getting this fixed.

Im so tired, yall, but just wanted to update today.