Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Day, Another,,,uh,,Whatever,,,,

Wow, i have so many new blogs to read (not all of em are listed), takes me a long time to post mine.  So many i look forward to each day, and i'm really missing ONE of them,,hey BB, you hearing this?,,,lol.  Must be catching so many fish, having a hard time cleaning and eating them,,or,,,throwing them back.  God forbid,,getting pics...hahahahaha

I think i told yall, i needed to use my eggs, soooo,,,this morning, i had 2 scrambled, with bacon, and one of Ss homemade rolls.  Gosh, was good.  I think i still have some of those little sausages, cocktail, in the freezer, that i'll use tomorrow.  I think i've told you, you can cook bacon frozen, just put it in the pan, and it peels off as it thaws.  That's the way i did this morning.  Ummm,,,good, too.  If you don't want to use all of it, just take out the still frozen  and put it back in the freezer.  Figured that out one time when i needed some bacon, and it was frozen .  You're hearing this from someone, me, that won't use a whole package before it ruins.  And yep, i've bought the pre-cooked, but was out of that.  OMG,,have yall seen how high that salt pork is???,, I refused to buy it last time i needed it!!!!  That's how i came up with this bacon.  Was just as good in my bean soup.

OK,,enough cooking lessons today.  Forward, hooo. lol,,Now what?

It has clouded up and feels cooler, got dressed in my sweats.  Yall wanna hear a story about these new sweats i bought a couple of years ago?,,,Don't think i've told it here, but anyhow,,,I bought 4 sets, got home and tossed em in the washer.  Now this is still a huge mystery to me,,,but,,,SOMEHOW,, they got washed with one of those maxi maxi pads!!!  Can you imagine,, millions of these tiny little white specks stuck on all these dark colored sweats?  I can't and i saw it for real.  Well,,,ok,,decide to run em thru the wash again,,hmmm,,,didn't help much, so,,put em in the dryer,,,nearly stopped it up.  Was such a thick layer on the filter, wonder it didn't get on fire.,,,Ok,,run thru the dryer again.  Finally,,,getting somewhere.  That whole first winter,,i was speckled.  Picking,,,watching for a fire in my dryer.  I just pretended that was how they were supposed to be...hahahaha,,,

Ok,,over that now,,took a few years, but,,,had to live with it,,,lolol. And specks.

Digging around in my freezer i found 3 bags of pecans.  When we had the big house, back in the 80s i think, there were 6 pecan trees,3 or 4 varieties.  One was a big soft shell native, the rest had been grafted.  Well, one year they ALL made.  I had pecans running out my ears.  We had the poles and thrashed them, picked up forever, off the plastic and stuff on the ground.  Really hurt, crawling around and hitting them with your knees.  I had the whole porch covered with big paper sacks of them.  Tried to give em away, couldn't sell em, too many that year, and no one would take em,,and that was sitting there in those bags!!!  Guess they wanted them  peeled and in bags!!.  Didn't know what i was gonna do,  then Dad said he'd help for 1/2.  Whoooopeeee.  I took them all and had them cracked, then,,,we shelled all winter.   Every time anybody sat down in my house, they were handed a pan and shucked.  lol. Fingers turned black, but ,,,we got em all done!!.  Had gallons and gallons of shelled pecans in my freezer, and they did too.  They don't ever ruin, but what i have now is not those. lol.  I gave em away for Christmas gifts, a gallon of pecans.  lol. Had to get rid of some of them.  I don't think those trees ever made like that again, and now my youngest bro lives there.  The old native tree has died, but the rest are still there.

Gonna get outa here,,,yall tc, and


PS,,forgot to add.  Wanted to tell all of you that don't make me print out a word verification to comment on your blogs...thx so much.