Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Morning

Hi yall,

Nothing to say, again. For me, still the same, for son, hasn't heard from the doc yet. That MRI was 2 weeks ago? About that anyway. He called yesterday, didn't get a call back.

I went out to the city park a few days ago, to feed the geese some old bread. This big bird was sitting on the rocks in the river, and i didn't pay any attention 'til it flew...It was a bald eagle! It flew across, then in a bit, back across. That's when i realized there were 2. Of course, didn't have time to grab my camera. Went back yesterday and they weren't there.

I'm on the last book of the Anna Pigeon series. Sure hate that. Every one has been soooo good. The CJ Box series is too, and there are a few more, since i read them last. They are written so you don't have to read them in order, but i always do.

What do yall think about this Ebola crap??? I'm not scared or anything but i sure wouldn't fly anywhere. There's been a few exposures in the Central TX area, like Belton and Georgetown. Was kids in Belton and now there are some schools shut down. Reminds me of AIDS. OMG, just saying on news, more schools are closing.

My high school reunion is tomorrow, still not sure if I'm going or not. Hate to make plans.

Well, yall tc, and