Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Didn't Die Yesterday

Since i haven't even wanted to think about Christmas this year,,,i did finally decide to do those firecrackers.  Got them in the bag now, so all i need to do is mix the other, and pour over them.  WOW,,,i had to buy a package of ranch dressing mix, and was so horrified at the $1.89 price!!!  Now, i know this Lowes here is robbery but OMG... They really gouge people, being the only big store we have.  Otherwise, you can drive 20 miles to an HEB.  (one way).  A can of chicken noodle soup, Campbells, is 2.00!  I bought the Shur Fine brand for .69 for J said he liked it better.  I can eat out almost as cheap and not have to cook.

I had thawed out some pork steaks, so i cooked them, and some gravy this morning.  Have some biscuits in the freezer, so i'm set for today,,,,wooohooo.

Did anybody believe the world was ending yesterday?  I didn't even remember that til it was way past the time it should have happened.  I did remember the solstice.

I got a card from a nephew that's a pic of their triplets,,,oooo wow. Not sure how old they are, looks to be about 9 months or so...2 boys, 1 girl.,,,and sooooo cute.  All 3 are chewing on a string of lites,,hahahaha.  Maybe that was the only way to get them to sit a minute for the pic....

Ok,,,mind's got nothing more,, so yall tc, and