Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Can Time Go So Fast?

I just shut my eyes, and another week is gone.  Then, a month,,whoa.  Is it the same with yall?

I have 4" of rain in my gauge today, and it says more coming again,,,hey bring it on!  Haven't asked G how much, but assuming he has 4.1.  Hahahahahaha...

I tried and tried to get a document on here yesterday.  I got on my desktop, and finally got it to open using something i downloaded to open files with, but, when i put it on here, it was tiny, and when i enlarged it, was blurry.  It was "What my Mama Taught Me".  The switch thing brought it back to mind.  I'm not gonna give up.  At least i found a way to open those files.  I think it was OF.  whatever that is.

I'm setting a record on swatting flies!!!  Those strips don't work at all.  WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM?????  My door is rarely opened.  Think they're coming from Petespond?,,hahahahaha 

Got some hamburger thawing to make a meat loaf with.  Got hungry for one, then sis N said she was making one yesterday, soo, mine's on the way.  I can bake it in my toaster oven.  Won't bake anything in the large one,,,  I put some milk and an egg in it, besides all the other, and it's juicy.  Also had some bean soup left, thawing it too.  That and cornbread,,yummmmm.

Gosh,,,i think the post office held my mail for days.  I got a huge stack of catalogs yesterday.  It wouldn't bother me to have 5 day delivery,  about all i get is junk.  I'm doing most of my bills by draft online.  I look at them, then ok it to pay.

TV is worthless most of the time, then like tonite,, things overlap.  Gotta record one to watch tomorrow.  O yeah,,,About 7:45 my power went off, so i missed the rest of America's Got Talent.. Yeah,,it was off til 9.  That lightening was right here!  Lots of it.  Dotter said it hit a power pole there by her house, and it took them that long to fix it.  My power has gone off 4 times in the last couple of weeks.  Don't know what's going on. 

Got that meat loaf in the oven, killed 3 more flies, and one's still asking for it.  Yall tc, and