Saturday, July 21, 2012

Liver and Onions,,yummmmmm

Sure enjoying my new digs.  And i sure enjoyed that supper yesterday.  I went into this restaurant intending to eat a breakfast, but,,it has a senior menu, AND that had liver and onions.  After some consideration,,,that's what i ordered.  Too much by 1/2 for a single meal, so i have another one for today.  It was so good, been a long time since i had that.  It was grilled, not smothered, but was still delicious.  Guess i was just hungry for it.

Never could stand that stuff, til one time in a Luby's in Austin, a friend ordered it, and,,all of a sudden,,it sounded sooo good.  And it was,,,i've eaten it since then.  One time, J and B came in late and raided the refrigerator, found some left over fried oysters,,,hahahahah,,,they thot,,chomped down on those chicken livers, spit em all over everything.  lmaoooo.  Another time,,,they found some chicken fried steak and ate it.  I told em,,there wasn't any in there, and they said yeah it was, it was way back behind a lot of stuff....OMG,,it had been in there for a LONG time.  They said they peeled off all that white stuff and ate it....didn't die...but,,from then on,,they asked how long for things they found. hahahahaha Boys!

Did yall know you can't get anything done on Saturdays, that have anything to do with government?  After fooling around for a LONG time with phone calls,,getting computers saying hours are,,,such and such,,i went online thinking,,this laptop doesn't know it's Saturday, but,,,i guess it did.  Was a dead end there too.  I was trying to look up, or find out, about the status of Js app for medical help.  They said 30 - 45 days, and it's been the 45 now.   The laptop says there isn't a case, so nothing's been done yet.  Put it all away and here i am,,doing this.

Kingsland has everybody on watch,,, all those fires were arson.  One whose house burned, told G that they were watching 3 older teens that were always at the fires, standing around watching.  I hear a lot of calls to check out suspicious people, mostly at nite, and mostly ones walking with backpacks,,  He told G they would go in and pile up some trash, set it on fire and leave...It would take a while to get going good, and by then they had been gone long enough.  This has been mostly empty places, except the Catholic church, and it didn't catch, just the weeds and they got put out before any harm done.  It had been set at the corner of the building.

After my man mowed,,it needs it again....I knew that because it was getting bad, before the rain quit.  I'm gonna let it go as long as i can tho.  Making up for last year,,,lol.  Need a Walter around,,Hey Ms B,,,can i borrow him?  Way back, in another house, my neighbor kept a barbado sheep in his back yard just for that,,and it worked too. 

Ok folks,,talked about that leftover stuff, got hungry,,yall tc, and