Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still Not Good

Really really getting concerned about BB.  I've never seen him go this long without a post.  PLZ BB, if you read this, let us know you're ok..

I had 3 comments from RVSUE ,,didn't even know she read this, but she was asking about WHAT had happened to Ben.  Gosh, it was on his blog in the comments.  I read comments again on the older posts because there's more, and it was all on there.  One of the first i had read.  When i read a blog, there might be a few comments, but by the next day, a lot more, see what i mean?  Then when i saw how many i went right into them and got the shock that was so upsetting. 

Sue, i'm not a follower of yours because of having to sign on with too much of my personal stuff to do it.  But i do read it every time it's renewed, and sure do enjoy.  Would sure welcome you on mine.

DDs sounding like he has a HUGE job to do, what with putting together that storage shed for his mower.  Don't you know it's too darned hot?  Besides, it might blow away with this upcoming,,lol, hurricane.  I'm gonna sound like Ben now,,those stupid weathermen,,it COULD do this,,it COULD do that,,doesn't take a brilliant mind to know this, does it? 

I still haven't finished the paper.  Here it is, noon.  N called just as i was getting up and we talked til i just had to have some coffee.  So nothing has been normal today. 

Stuck to my diet fairly good.  Protein, protein, and more protein,,trying to stay under 30 gr carbs a day for the first week.  That is HARD.  2 toasts, 1 glass of milk might have put me just over a bit.  Had 1 toast, 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, iced tea for breakfast an hour ago.  That holds me a long time.  Cooked a pot roast yesterday, so i have that to eat too.  With stir fry veges.  Meats, eggs, cheese, mostly.  Not gonna weigh for a week.  lololol,,hope it goes wayyyy down.  Even the veges have a few.

Ok, i'm rambling, so it's time to go.  Yall take care!!! and