Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fishing Time of Year

Still no phone, so i DID call verizon this morning, and told by 4-3!!  Called that man twice yesterday, and still didn't get a response so maybe it was a bad medical problem. Could have been tied to that funeral thing,,,since he never called back and it was all happening at the same time.  I guess it's no big deal, i do have the cell, and everybody i know has the number.  When i call my number it just rings and rings.

BB sure has a good place to fish down there.  What more could you ask for?  lol.  This is the time of year my Dad always was calling saying,,"let's go fishing".  With our river here, that's something i''ve done since i was 6.  I remember going with my grandmother and her making that dough bait, catching carp.  Yuk.  Had to bait my own hook too, and take fish off.   Had to have been perch. lol.   I was also the one that got the "honor" of untangling backlashs.  I'm seeing people at the park fishing, but not catching anything.  That girl was the only one with that one fish.

Gosh, another month gone.  I just can't believe how fast the time goes now.  I turn around and,,it's another month.  And i'm not busy.  You would think it would drag,,or i always did.

Got my waffles cooking,,breakfast time,,yall tc, and



Friday, March 30, 2012

Still No Phone!

I called and left a message earlier to the repairman, but,,no call back.  With him telling me he had a medical emergency yesterday, i don't know if he's even working or not.   My son told me yesterday they had had the same problem, no phone, but internet, for 2 days at their business location.  So,,

I always wait til afternoon to get out and do errands, and i told him that on my message.  Gotta go back to the place that cut my hair and get one spot cut a little more.  Doing that at 2;15.

There's a huge jeep rally going on here, this weekend.  The park is full, town is full, they're everywhere.  Doubt if i can get into the park at all today, or all weekend.   Where i was parked there yesterday, this big truck showed up, pulling one.  They just parked on the side of the little road going thru, and unloaded, set up tents.  There were 2 little boys with an older one, and i guess, the dad.  When i left, i gave them the old bread i had, told them how much the geese loved it... Hope they show up for them.  I haven't seen them for a couple of weeks, except for 4, about a week ago.  They're somewhere tho.  Maybe the females are setting,,would love to see new ones.  Years ago, i saw them with some.

There was a funeral yesterday out in a country cemetery,,now you're wondering why i'm telling you this, aren't you?  Welll,,,during the burial a man started having a heart attack and they had to call the ambulance for him.  Hope it wasn't the husband.  I have never heard of this happening before, have you?  I went to school with both of them.  She was at our class reunion 2 years ago, and i didn't think she would make it another month,  but she did.  He's a year or 2 older than me, even tho he was a classmate.

I got to start school at 5, in that little country place we lived, and i had just turned 6 when we moved here.  The teacher decided not to say anything because i was doing good, sooo,,i was a year younger than my classmates.  There was one other boy, like me.

Ok,,outa nothing to say, so yall tc, and


Thursday, March 29, 2012


Forgot i didn't do a post this morning.  None of my house phones are working so i've been fooling with that, and got to a place,,who knows?,,I've got internet, and i've switched, unplugged, skipped,,changed those line filters, done  everything i could think of, and still, no phones.  On either of the 2 lines.  How can i have internet?  Could that lightening and rain shorted out BOTH phones?   I dug out a real old one, not portable, and it's not working either, even outside in the box on the house.  But,,who knows if it would work anywhere?  lolol  Got a dilemma here.  A repairman was supposed to come by, but i just talked to him, and he doesn't think he'll make it today, sooo,,i told him to call my cell if he could.

Ok, sorry about not posting more today, but i gotta get outa here and do some things.
So, yall tc, and


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Good  Morning!  Really long day yesterday.  We didn't get back til after 6:30.  Our driver had to make all these extra  I didn't care, nothing else to do anyway.  I had never been in a Garden Ridge store, and LOVE it.  They are huge, and i didn't even cover 1/2 of it.  Like, later, Sue told me they had all kinds of shoes like i like to wear during the summer, and i didn't even see those.   There was a large table in the aisle with scrubs, sun dresses, etc, for 2.00.  They loaded up, but were buying mostly for others.  I got one pair of pants, but just one cause i didn't want to go try them on to see if that size would fit.  lol, Still don't know.  Later.  I did get a pad for my wrist when i'm on this laptop.  It works great!  It's full of some kind of little beads or something.

I didn't take my camera, and all day, wished i had.  Hwy 71 is so beautiful with the flowers, lots more bloomed out now.  They quit when you cross that county line....never knew why.  The color of our dirt is different too, changes at the county lines in every direction.  Well, almost,,,lol.

My doc didn't say anything when i told him i wanted all the fill taken out.  Well, he understood why.  Can't keep having regurgitation and acid reflux like i do all the time.  When we left, we went straight to a Golden Corral and for the first time, i could eat steak without it getting stuck.  I had lost 4 lbs,,but that was over a 3 month period.  lol, I think it was the walking.

After all that activity yesterday, i slept so good.  Even went to bed right after 10 and went to sleep.  Up a couple of times, but,,that's normal.  Went right back to sleep.

Just boiled some old eggs, and i mean old,,lololol.  Wonder if there's an expiration date on the carton...might be better not to look.  There's 7 of them.  I'm planning on eating lots more, on a high protein diet.  This is the start.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Break Time

Trip to Austin, last one for this.  yall tc and


Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Should Anybody Have to,,,,,,


Got out of town a little ways, and just not much there. 

These are pink phlox and was the only place I saw them.



These are what we always called stinging nettles.  Sometimes they are everywhere, but these were the most in one spot, that I saw.




The bluebonnets are still there, so far, but the yellow ones haven’t shown up.  The golden yellow ones.  And not the Indian Blankets either.  Maybe yet.

Why should anybody have to put up with someone like this?  So that’s why I’ve set my comments to go thru dashboard, so I can filter them.  That nasty ignorant old man, BBC, thinks I’m interested in what he has to say, so  he won’t be here any more. 

BB, I agree with you totally, about rvsue.  Why would anybody sign up with anything without reading the fine print?  Doesn’t matter that this is all new, you read the contracts!

When I was at the city park yesterday, I noticed a woman camping with a small tent close to where I was, and when she was walking by I waved.  She came over and we talked for a bit, and she said she had just packed up and left everything down at the coast,,(her life I mean) to move here.  Staying there in the park while she looks for a job, and can get on her feet.  She has 2 smallish dogs with her, that she had rescued.  I told her a few places to check out, seems like a good lady.  AND, she can take free showers there!!! hahahahaha.  Has to pay $2. a nite.  We have a good Laundromat here, fairly new.  Gosh, I can’t believe the prices to use it tho…lol.  I take my comforter there once a year, just to wash, bring it home and hang out to dry.  She gave me her cell # if I thot of any other places.  She’s worked in home health care, and home depot.  I’ll check with her today, hope she found something.

Hey, it’s Monday, nothing new going on,,,lol,,so yall tc, and


Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Donate Button???

WTH,, Just told tffn TY, because he refused to put one on his blog.  And to me,,it's begging,,,  Had to quit a blogger because it turned to that.   There's a LOT of difference in donating to someone that doesn't ask for it,,to one that's got that ,,cup,,held out.    Am i the only one that feels that way?  I'd give my last dollar to someone if they needed it more than me, BUT, not when they are saying,,GIMME.  Guess this might put me in the dog house again,,but,,that's how i feel.

BB, the reason i'm so exhausted is lack of sleep.  I did sleep pretty good last nite, but since the time change, it's thrown it off.  I have to keep my pattern, like,,,same bed time, etc, and now it's off an hour.  For some reason i'm really having a bad time adjusting this year.  I'm waiting til after,,gosh,,Tuesday, when i get this lap band deflated, to go for my quarterly check up that includes all the blood work.  It's always been fine, and i do them faithfully.  I believe in preventing,,not treating stuff.  Well, treating when it has to be done, but you know what i mean.

DD, it was so strange today, leaving comments.  It kept telling me Error,,then i would put another one in, and then they all showed up.  So that was me, trying to correct all of that.  Never had that happen.  lol,,It would, saying it wouldn't...

Don't have any plans for today,,which is normal now.   Guess i'll see what shows up.,,,lol.  So yall tc, and


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fingers Crossed





This is the hackberry tree in front,, kinda looking like it is going to leaf on out, yet.  Don’t know why it already did on some of it.  Then there’s one in back doing the same thing.  Just keeping my fingers crossed, hoping they survived last year.

There’s my poor little Martin house, just about blown away.  There’s no way to lower it, and it’s full of sparrows.  Not sure if the Martins have been here or not.  I did see some earlier, but that was maybe the scouts.  I didn’t buy the pole for it, just used an old tv antenna one.  And it won’t go up and down any more.


I’m so tired today, I’m going back to bed after I eat breakfast.  Can’t go to sleep after I go to bed.  Takes hours, and last nite I even took some pain med but guess it didn’t work.

My son had talked about going on a picnic today, and doing some backroads, seeing the flowers, but got a text last nite, saying his gf was so tired, gonna do it another time.  I’m so glad, cause I am too.  lolol My last bf had never heard of backroading,,,but,,,that became his favorite thing.  It’s something we’ve always done around here, lots of good scenery, and lots of wild life.  My bro G and his wife, went off on a 6 week trek thru the NW, and the first thing he wanted to do, was go hit some back roads,,see some wild life,,  Said he saw more wild life on that one trip than all of the prior 6 weeks put together.

Yall tc and



Friday, March 23, 2012

Lots of Kayakers

Now,, what did i think i had something to say about?,,,Think i put all my thots in comments on other blogs,,,lol.

OOO yeah!!  While at the park yesterday, 4 kayakers went by, so i went to the other end of the park, at the dam, to see what they were gonna do.  lol,,,They looked and looked at the dam, then went to the far side, got out, looked and looked some more, finally took the kayaks out.  Then there must have been a lot of discussion, cause they stayed there quite a while.  On that huge rock.  One finally walked out on the dam, and jumped off!!! I'm going OMG,,NOOOO.  There's so many big rocks there, i don't know how he missed them.  The other 3,,,thot,,hmmm,, not gonna do that, so,,,they finally lowered the kayaks slowly down the rock to the other one, and 1 kinda slid down.  But one wouldn't,,he went around, way up the bank to a fence and climbed thru. And one jumped off the dam,,,this is taking a long time....I'm wondering if one or more are hurt, when i finally see one show up in his kayak, in the pool below the dam.  He waits by the bank, and finally, another one shows up.  BUT,,,There's still 2 there on the rock, doing something.  So far away i can't tell.  I think, going to wait a while longer before i have to leave, and just before, i finally see 1 more show up,,,and a bit later, the last one.  Then, they sit there in their kayaks,,so i still can't tell if any are hurt or not.  That's where i left them.  Maybe they didn't know there was another dam on down,,in town.  It was too late for me to go and watch for them.  Besides,,,where were they gonna get out?  Daylite was about gone.  They had already been down the river for 12 miles, heard them tell a fisherman that.  lol,,Maybe they were gonna camp.  Hate to leave it at this, but that's where i am now, too.  Gonna put binoculars in the car,,,lol.  Be a peeper.  hahahahaha.

Hey, it's Friday,,not that it matters now,,but,,,yall tc, and


When i was in the HEB last time there was one of those little set up places giving out bites of sausage,,you know how they work.  It was Elgin, and it was so good.  Wellll,,,today there is a recall for a lot of it, and HEBs were one of the places selling it.  lolol,,,I didn't buy any that day, but planned on it in the future.  That bite didn't make me sick either.  And i will get some at a later time...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Doggies,,,

I had something happen the other day, that i kept forgetting to write about.  I was driving down a street, and saw this little, like, 12 month old, barely able to walk, holding on to the back of a small stroller with his mother right behind him, going up a sidewalk to a house.  I had instant tears!  WHY??  Sad tears!  That has never happened before.  It was just for an instant, but wow.  It didn't remind me of anything that i know of, and was really cute, so,,why that reaction?  Really weird, huh?

TY so much, DD.  We found a Maltese wayyyy back before anybody even knew what they were.  It was so tiny, came running into my Mom's yard, and B and my dotter, about 12 at the time,,thot it was a baby polar bear,,,hahahahaha.  All that white hair and black eyes peeking out.  She was about 4" long, and somehow we ended up with her, and i named her Moppet.  Our ol tom cat took her over after hearing her cry shut up in the bathroom, so she grew up thinking she was a cat.  We watched for ads and signs,,hunting her, but there was never anything.  Back then, no telling what someone had paid for her.  We thot she was a cross of something, like a poodle, and schnauzer.  But,,NOT.  Later, watching a Disney movie,,,there she was,,and even named MOPPET!  A few years later, my boss bought one for his wife, and paid $500. for it.  Anyway, with that hair, she would get all knotted up in the summer, so,,,one year, she got a hair cut.  hahahaha,,She thot she was the prettiest thing ever.  She held her head high, pranced around... lollololol.  She lived to a ripe old age of about 18.  We didn't keep her, but gave her to my best friend at the time, that lived across the street, so she had 2

How's that for talking about pets?,,,hehehehehe

My son and gf took her mom and partner, and me,,out for supper.  OOOO,,,sooo goood.  I brought half of mine home,  even after eating all i could hold.  It wasn't that much, just how i can eat.  I got the skewered shrimp with baked pot, grilled veges.  Strange, but they don't serve bread.  Like that sea food house that just closed down, and for them that included hush puppies.  This is kinda a new place, and had a great selection, but o my, the prices told me i won't be there,,,lol.

Think i'll get and have some of those yall tc, and


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love These Little Furry Friends


This little friend had no fear of me.  Check out my post on 9-20-11 for a story about one we called Teaser.


Also, on 8-13-11, I told about being hit by lightening,,IN MY HOUSE!  I still look around me when the lightening is bad.  I also saw a portable phone blown to smithereens once, so I sure don’t like to be on one  in a storm either.  And here my son was, calling me during one of the worst bouts of it the other nite. lolololol.  I kept saying, we gotta get off these phones,,and I think a cell is worse.

I’m still watching, and waiting on my trees to see how damaged they are.  Not sure about the hackberry in front,,,it’s half way leafed out,,I mean, like on half the tree.  They’re tough trees, like mesquite, so they should be ok.  Have to laugh about my chinaberry trees.  Have a huge, old, one on the West side, and have put others out too.  They are fast growing, but not so tough.  I thot.  There’s a young one, now about 2 or 3 years old, behind my store room, never had a drop of water except rain, and you know how that was, last year, and that little thang is thriving!  I’ve added 2 more on the West side, need all I can get. 

Saw where they have quit the,,,kill the donkeys, down there in Big Bend.  I signed the email,,,lol.  Couldn’t see any sense in killing off one species to bring in another.  Hope it works this time, didn’t the last one.

Check this site out, and go to the leanwashingindex too,,, 

Rates truths in advertising.  Food stuff, and health stuff. 

DD, I don’t have nothing to say!!  lol. How can I also write all this bunch of bull, with nothing to say?   Feeding my addiction,,that’s how.  I think we’re all in the same club right now, thinking this.  But,,, I don’t find any of yall boring!!!  I need to post more pics, but I just don’t get out enough to get other things.  I will try to do better. 

I think we’re supposed to go out somewhere for supper later, but haven’t heard from my son and gf yet.  She started her new job Monday and loves it, but I know she’s worn out not getting enough sleep too.  But supper shouldn’t interfere.  We all eat early.  She also works with kids,, in the school system,,autistic ones at that!  She has 3 little ones now.  That girl is loaded with patience.  lololol,,,I would’ve lasted 2 minutes,,,maybe.  I took a strong pain med last nite,  got a good nite’s sleep.  Had to.  Best sleep I’ve had since the time change.

OKKKK,,,enough!,,,yall tc, and
























Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stormyyy Weatherrr,,,

All nite long,,and i was up til after 3AM.  Don't know what i'm going to do about going to sleep at a reasonable time, but this has to change!  I was up reading, about 1 when my son called, thot he was hearing a tornado, but i looked on several radars and there wasn't one.  Don't know what the roaring was, that he was hearing.  Just the high winds up high i guess.  I didn't hear it here, and he was about 2 miles away.  The winds off those storms was icy.  Lots of hail in them, even tho we didn't get any here.  Showing we got a little over 2", and a few miles East, it was double that.  My power never even went off.  Lots of close lightening, roaring, continuous.  I found one of the local weather stations that showed the storm chaser videos,,sooo cool.  And there were lots of em around here,,,lololol,,,like, 7 or so, at the edge of these things.

 Just heard of one person, not the storm chasers, getting half way washed off a low water crossing and that was this morning.  He got out ok.  The deputies were out most of the nite checking those out, getting barriers put out.  Heard that a trailer house was engulfed, out a few miles, but don't think anyone lived there, then later, a house in Kingsland.

One nite a few years ago, i woke up with this huge cold wet spot on my pillow and bed.  Now, what would you think?  I thot,,OMG, i'm hemorrhaging.  Got the lite on, and it was this huge water leak right over my head, looking like the ceiling was about to fall, so bulged out.  It was a smaller spot down at my feet, too.  Well, hells bells, now i  have to get up, do something with this soaking bed in the middle of the nite.  I don't have an extra bed, and i sure didn't want to try the couch, soooooo,,,i push, shove, and finally get the bed out from under those spots, and get way on the other side and go back to sleep.  Took all the next day to get that dried out, even stripping off all the bedding.  The ceiling shrunk back and didn't fall thru, and ASAP, there was a new roof put on!  My bro B does that kind of thing, and wasn't booked up.  When he got up there and looked he did say that it was probably just some loose nails, and might,,, be ok.  NOOO WAY!,,,lololol.  I had already collected the money for a new roof, after a hail storm, about a year earlier, so,,,that's what i got.  It did go thru my mind, tho, during the nite last nite.

I called Jude for hours, starting before the storms.  Then every once in a while, i would try again.  Thot, well, he was in a dry place and wouldn't come out.  HA,,he sure was.  Hiding under my bed! lolololol.  When i went to bed about 10:30, here he came out.  Then, all nite, when i was up and down, he stuck to me like glue.  Never saw him do this.  Maybe he forgot how storms sound, cause he sure was worried.  When i got up about 8;30 he wanted out, but, the sun was out by then.

Ok,,like DD, enough about nothing,,yall tc, and


Monday, March 19, 2012

He'sssss Backkkk

I have noooo idea where that cat went!  I drove around a few blocks and not a sign.  I think he was hiding from another cat, after what happened last nite.  I was going to keep him in, but he wanted out, sooo, out he went.  Way later, about 1AM, yep, still awake,,i heard growling.  Sure enough, there was another cat out there that ran off when i opened the door.  Got him back in, and he still wouldn't stay so in a while he went out and i went to bed,,,again.  He was there this morning so nothing happened.  I don't see but 1 or 2 wild cats around now.

I watched that Frozen Planet last nite, and was just amazed.  Need to see that in the summer,,lol.  It was filmed in the Arctic, and Antarctica.  Don't know which was worse, the N or the S.  That's why i love it here, can't take the cold.  Now i'm getting to where i can't take the heat either,,hahahaha.

The wind has been blowing hard all morning out of the S.  Still forecasting storms later.  Willy B Wright? lololol,,That was the name of the armadillo picture in the paper showing the forecast.  Not there now, and i don't know when they quit using it.

When i was at HEB a few days ago, they didn't have plain ol honey graham crackers. The stock man showed me a new box and told me they were just a little smaller,,well, YEAH,,like an inch square!  I'm very tempted to take them back!  Hate to be done that way.  I guess they're gonna get like the Walmart in Marble Falls, just don't stay stocked on everyday stuff.  Didn't have a few other things either.  And then,,i forgot to use the few coupons in my pocket,,,lollololol.  Do that all the time.

Gotta get milk and go to the library today, no matter what.  Out of the first, and gonna be out of the second before long.   Guess i could get dressed and do it now.  Think i will, so yall tc, and


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jude's Missing

Don't know what to think, Jude hasn't shown up today.  He's always waiting by the door when i get up, or once in a while, comes running when i go out for the paper.  Maybe he has a gopher treed, or hiding from something.  He doesn't go wandering off, and he's really a scaredy cat.  Here where i live is a safe place or i wouldn't be letting him out.  It's rare a car even goes down the one street in the front.  The street to the side is a dead end, so just the neighbors go there.

I didn't do anything yesterday, too darned tired.  Watched 2 movies last nite, went to bed at 11, and SLEPT!  First time since the time changed.

With DD missing for 2 days, thot i was gonna have to go hunting him,,,lol.  We all kinda keep up with each other, and when one posts every day, or says he won't, and then comes up missing,,we take it serious.  SOOOO DD,,was so relieved today, to see your post.

And BB, if you go out in that "bubba boat",,,plzzzz wear your life jacket.  Late yesterday, a kayak turned over with 3 men in it, 2 had them on, 1 didn't.  They found his body about 9 last nite.  And they were close to shore.  This was in Lake Buchanan.

Nothing to say, nothing going on,,but, i will let you know about Jude.

Yall tc, and


Went off and got back home about 4:30 and Jude's waiting on the porch, nothing wrong,,he's fine,  but he did get a good talk from me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bluebonnet Trail



Had to get the next 2, too, and this is just a start on the yellow that’s coming.


the next 2 aren’t bluebonnets, but the pasture was lilac.




Back to the bluebonnets.


These are just a small portion that I could get.  Hwy 71 is a 2 lane, and nowhere to stop safely, tons of traffic too, so I pulled over whenever I   could.  Then after turning off on a more narrow 2 lane county road, was still just as bad.   It’s just breath taking, and as long as I’ve lived here, I’m still that way when the countryside is full of flowers.  They’re just now getting started.

This county is the only one that has this HUGE display.  It’s like, you cross that county line, bam, they’re gone.  I would swear, that on the Ellen DeGeneres show, there was a pic of this as her background.  Even has the oak trees too.

Got my HEB trip done, and got home and put   away.  Then, didn’t get to sleep til after 3 last nite, so,,,,NOTHING today!  Here it is, almost 1 and I’ve just eaten breakfast.  I don’t remember, lol, it ever being this bad.  I wanted to take my son and his gf out to eat later, so,, maybe.  They called last nite, had been up river on a picnic, and here came a storm out of nowhere.  They wanted to know if there was hail in it, so I looked and no,,,wasn’t, but told them to head back right then and they would beat it to town.  HA!! They went the OTHER way!  lmaooo,,,storm chasers!  I guess I taught them well.  Always loved storms too. 

Time to get my dishes done,, gonna be a nap for sure.  So yall tc, and


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's Skip a Day

Or 2,  still messed up with the time.  Changed my mind and didn't go grocery shopping yesterday, just made a stop here and got the coffee.  It was even on sale!  Of course, they try to fool you with the size of the cans, but,,,not me, lol, i check that kind of stuff.  But i got a 23 oz one, and that will do until i get to Kingsland.  Now i don't have to hurry to go.  Some time over the week end will work.

Soo yall tc, and


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


HATE this time change!  Can't get to sleep at nite, sleep way too long in the mornings.  Don't know why they keep doing it, have read there's no reason any more, so WHY???
No sleep, no energy, nothing getting done.  Didn't even walk yesterday,  just can't when i'm so tired.  Am i the only one this way?  Gosh i hope not.

Thot about going up to visit G, but,,,grrrrrrr,,,almost 1PM now.  Would take about an hour to get there.  Guess i'll just sit around and go to HEB later.  Later, cause that way, i can eat at that good mexican food place again.  lololol.

When i go to Kingsland later, i'll go on hwy 71, have heard the bluebonnets are great.  Will get pics.

Gosh, a shooting at a court house in Beaumont!  Just saw that on the news.

Short today, didn't even wanna do a post, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Geeezzzz,,,What to Say?

I keep seeing a lot of others like me, thinking their blogs are boring.  In fact, i guess all i keep up with, are saying that now.  Just a phase?  I don't remember, (statins) being so out of things to say, before.  Now i'm being forced to write about having nothing to write about,,hahahahaha.

Since taking off the word verification i AM getting lots more spam in my email.. is this just a coincidence, or,,,a fact of ,,blogging?  I put my settings on Google to the private one and i've noticed that i don't see things pop up everywhere i go, about where i've been.

DDs got  pics of his swamp on there today.  Love that place, and kinda wonder why he would ever go anywhere else... lololol.

It's been so hard to make myself walk lately.  I do, but it sure is hard.  I think maybe it's the lack of sleep, like, last nite, i didn't go to sleep til after 2 AM, then i was up a couple of times, so thirsty i had to have a drink, which i keep a bottle of water in the bathroom.  Tried keeping it by the bed, but then, would have to get up any way, to pee, even tho that's not the reason i wake up.  On the walks, i'm having to sit down more along the way.  Darn time change!  Shouldn't even affect me.  Sooo tired.

Austin is having the SXSW stuff going on now.  Zillions of people are there, techs, films, music.  And i've been told, the bluebonnets are out in force on some highways.
After they bloom and start fading out, they have their seed pods all over them.. They dry out and get to the point where they literally, explode.  They sling seeds out to maybe 20 feet.  So if you gather up pods, keep them in paper bags,,,lol.  And if you're on the side of the highway, watch for those rattlesnakes!   Those seeds can lay there for years, and when the right weather conditions happen, they will grow.  Sometimes it can be 10 years or so, between the whole countryside blooming out.  I think this year is one of those, will get pics.

We set the high temp yesterday, in the nation!  88*.  Knew it was too darn hot.

Think i'll take a nap,,,yall tc, and


Monday, March 12, 2012

No Tolerance For Screaming Kids

Just told BB i'm ready,,,get busy,,,lololol.  For fish!  They're there, i saw it.  lololol.

Big story today about a family being kicked off a plane,,hahahaha,, because of a 2 yr old having a tantrum.  WOOOHOOO.  Good for them!  Kids don't behave, leave em at home.  I did.  I didn't take them out with us til they could and they knew it.  Lol, my son was the only one that had to be about 6 or so,,,hahahaha,,,If i had had to ride with that kid, i would have wanted a refund!

I was telling Gypsy about the time i bought this house, and had to work on it for 4 or 5 months before i could move in.  That was after i got home from work, and on week ends.  Mom was there waiting every day, lol, and a lot of times, i wouldn't have done anything, but,, there she was, ready to go.  Well, one week end,,i was so tired, and had so much painting to do, and heard someone drive up.  When i looked out i almost cried.  It was my bro B and SnL K,,and their oldest, ready to go, paint rollers, brushes in hand.  You just can't believe how much they can do in just a little time.  The next day, i was in one of the rooms and there was a white cricket walking across the floor!,,,  K didn't slow down, she just painted it!! LMAOOO.  And even now,,,all these years later, i stilll have to LMAO.  All my family helped at some time or another.  That's what families are.  (Used to be).  I had a moving party,,,lol,,had 4 or 5 pickups show up and a lot of help.  I had everything ready, so it didn't take long.  Had hot dogs, with pork and beans, and chips.  Had to go back the next morning and dig in the trash for my tv remote,,used an old trash can to hold stuff like that.  But it was right there in the first one.  Had all my frozen stuff in a black bag, and my nephew emptied my ash trays in it...HAHAHAHAHA,,had to wash off everything.  But, they got me moved in record time.  And we had fun all the way.

G just came by and said he was going up to his get away, about an hour from here.  I might ride up there the next day or 2.  They bought a 100 acres up there on the rocks.  lol,,Close to Menard.  Rocks and cactus.  He likes to get out and shred that stuff.

Like DD, nothing to say, so yall tc, and


Sunday, March 11, 2012




I guess they’re finding something on that fish skeleton.  That’s the one the girl left laying.


Guess it’s gonna be kinda hot today, with that sun out.

Found out late yesterday, there was another get together for my son’s birthday,,catching the ones that had misunderstood the date.  Went to a mexican food restaurant in Kingsland, and it was soooo good.  There were 12 of us,,and in that small place it was a lot!  Lots of people waiting to get tables.  Someone had called ahead so they had ours ready,,,sorta,,lol,,had to add another one, which a couple nearby was so kind as to move and let us have that one.  Tried to buy them drinks, but  they already had their tea and water.  Son still had the folder full of pics I had taken the last time, showing them.  He’s going to put them all into his puter.  I ordered a chili relleno*  plate and it was out of this world!  And all I could get down was just a small bit.  Have the rest to eat on today,,,yeaaaa.  This place is more authentic than most.  Their fajitas looked fabulous, especially the shrimp ones.  Cooked with lots of onion.  Yummmm.  Everybody hungry?  Know where I’M going when I want mexican food.  Got back by 8 and watched a movie.  Did I tell yall I watched one on Fri, and it ended before 10, and I was letting the tape run,,wellll,,,I got into Seabiscuit and had to watch the whole thing!  A great movie.

I hate this time change right now.  I just ate breakfast and it’s 1:25.  Not good.  Haven’t even done dishes yet.  Let alone get dressed. 

Spent too much time trying to sign up to pay my Atmos bill by draft.  After all of that, it told me I had to call tomorrow!!!  Used to do online banking but then the bank started charging for it,,so bye bye.  I have free checking  now, and when my son asked, I told him my bank.   No bank charges at all, and no minimum balance.  Moved from the bank I had done business with all my life cause of that. 

His gf found a job with the school system last week, and will be starting on the 19th.  She works with disabled, mentally, and is super at it.  I could  never have done that.  Now, working with seniors was my thing.  Loved it.  They have lived twin lives, she in CA, him here, and never knew it.  Done the same things, like the same things,,,it’s amazing.  She was born here, and was his gf in the 5th grade,,,lolololol.  She left when she was 15, and they had never seen each other, nor talked from that time, til she came back.  I hear wedding bells,,,lolololol.  We all love her tooooo. 

Guess I’m gonna see what I can get done before the DAY is gone.  So yall tc, and


















Saturday, March 10, 2012


Wooohooo, my weather thang a ma jig started working,,last nite..

Heard a truck pull in next door about 9 am,,, turned out it was bringing a metal storage shed to him.  )(*&*Y^#!$$%$  Put it where all i see when i look out is THAT!!!  Really pisses me off!  And to be fair, it's the perfect place from his point of view, but,,,mercy.  Sure not what i want to see when i look out.  I never saw his house, just the view behind it on up the hill.  If i sit in the other room at the desk top, i can see great, including his house AND ALL.  Just might have to do that.  It's cold in there, or hot, depending on the season,,,

The day after i had seen that girl with the fish, when i went out there, there was a hawk and a buzzard there with it.  Before i could get the camera out and up, they flew off.  The next day, there were 3 or 4 buzzards, still eating on the carcass.  Got that, but not going out to the car to get my camera, but will post it later.

I just glanced over by the stuff on my table and saw my utility bill,,,NOT PAID!  I've never paid one late.  OMG...  Looked, and it is due by the 15th, not the 10th, like it used to be.  It somehow got behind some other stuff,  and moving one, made it visable!  lolololol.  In all my life, i've never paid bills late.  Don't want that kind of a first. lolol.  The check is dated the 3rd.

I changed 2 clocks already,,,one in the bedroom, the other on my coffee pot..with the coffee pot the MOST important.  Got up yesterday and had an empty pot,,guess i forgot,,,lol, to push that button.  How i can do that, i don't know, but,,,i can.

Time to go play, yall tc, and


Friday, March 9, 2012

Llano County Journal - Council discusses closing of Salem Street

Llano County Journal - Council discusses closing of Salem Street 

Looks like we made the front page,,,,lololol.  Got em all stirred up,,,hehehe, just what we wanted.  Now we'll see what happens.  That pompous mayor needs to GO.  He kept speaking over others, trying to defend his earlier actions.  We need to find something legal on this, so if anybody has a way to do this, let me know.  We found a lot but need all we can get.

Tffnguy, i won't comment on your blogs cause of the double word thang.  Can't read em, and you have to keep going back over and over, so ,,,,i just comment here.  To change that, go here:,,design, settings, comments, down to word verification, say no.  Keep us up to date on your cabin.

To share that article at the top, it put me on IE, so i'm hoping for the best.

On the tv weather, it's still not showing us, so,,,,not fixed yet out at the airport.  Some day,,,,,,

BB talking about fried chicken, and i'm seeing a commercial showing some deeelicious fried chicken,,,making me hungry.  If i could get some like that,,,  Our new place is so so.  Sometimes it's ,,uh,,ok, then others, not.  Makes me not wanna ever get any of it. 

Gosh, it's pouring down,,,woooohoooo.  Sitting here by my back storm door,,looking out.  Love it.  Cold or not. lol.

Might get back here later.  Yall tc, and


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not Much Today

There were some baby turtles on that rock, first time I had seen them.
My Mountain Laurel starting to bloom, I’ve seen others that are bloomed out fully.  You can see the yellow irises behind it.  I have a huge old wisteria to the left but it hasn’t done anything yet.  I have seen some Martins last week, over in the next block, and then some here on the corner of my yard.  When my bro B and I put up their house, he was putting his tools back in his truck when 2 landed on the top.  They had been watching, lol.  They nested there, and have been back every year with their young.  They drive the sparrows off.  The house is falling apart, and the way it’s put up, can’t take it down.  I think they will still use it tho.
I don’t know why, but I didn’t go to sleep til after 4 last nite.  Well, one thing was my feet.  Burning.  Then my phone woke me up at 8;30.  Just might take a nap today, lol. 
I put facebook back on this, but  you know,,I just don’t see the use of it.  lololol.  I glance in every once in a while, but wth is it about?  I just don’t get it.  Peoples wanting to put me on friends,,,I don’t even know.  And why talk to family when we have phones?  lololol,,,And most of us live here.  I forget about it, but sometimes I look in.  I guess it’s the only way I can ever communicate with my g/dotter.  Never see her or hear from her…Hate it, what “family” has become.  “Family” has no meaning any more.  Well, just a few of us.
Been putting off that shower long enough,,yall tc, and

PS,,put that weather thingy back on, thot the airport thingy was fixed, but guess not.  Just gonna leave it, someday,,,,,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Strange Happenings

Gosh, put all my warm lounge clothes in the washer, now i'm chilly.  Got a summertime one on,,,,and, i know,,i COULD get dressed, but,,why?  It's about 70 and cloudy.  After writing that, i got up and turned on some heat,,,hahahaha.

I'm so way behind today, slept til 9/30, after waking up at 7/30.  But,,so what?  lol.
When the lady brought my prescription, i remembered it was Wed.  I did walk yesterday, in that horrible wind.  It was still howling last nite when i went to bed.  March winds,,etc,,

G came by and we both thot we presented our side well, and,,we did our best.  With the AH mayor mouthing off the whole time, we are hoping the council members won't pay him any mind.  I know our friend doesn't,,,lol,,,she does NOT let him run over her.  He doesn't have a vote anyway, except to break a tie.

I made it out to the park yesterday, (my walk), and this girl got out to fish.  In a bit, she caught a good sized one,  couldn't tell what it was from where i was, but then, she did a strange thing.   She had it on the ground to take off the hook, and when she got that done, she laid that fish behind the rock she was sitting on, on the ground, and just left it!  I have never seen that done, ever!  It was about a foot long, and i could see it flop once in a while.  Really strange!  I think i'll ask her if i ever see her again,,lol.  I was there about 30 more minutes and she didn't catch anything else, TG!, but didn't do anything with that one either.  Don't know where those geese are hanging out, haven't seen them for a few days, and the little black ones were way down from me in the river.  I take my current book and read.  Just like being out of the house a bit during the day.  And what's better than nature?  Saw a strange bird, all black.  Need to start carrying my bird book too.  Been seeing lots of buzzards circling, they do that when they migrate.  They just kinda float around in circles by the river,,,,Red tailed hawks do it too.  By the hundreds.

Well, adios, amigos,,amigas. yall tc, and


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Don't Know

Well, we did our thing last nite, but left it for discussion.  Can't really tell how it went. The gate owner was there, and gave his spiel about how long he had put up with the vandalism and trash, and just finally had enough.  Wouldn't even listen to other options we presented, soooo,,,who knows?  The mayor kept saying it wasn't a street, (how i don't know) when it's been used and maintained as the street that goes on way North of the gate.  So how could it just stop at that point?  Another thing i don't know.  It's on the city platt as a street going on down to the river.  Anyway, we did all we could without having to go legal, so we'll see.  We're losing all our rights, one by one.  There were quite a few supporters there, and gave their say.  Wish there had been lots more,,,

I took off my weather thingy.  Got tired of trying to look up and see how to fix it.  The tv weather was showing us this morning finally, but the gadget didn't work even after that.  So,,it's gone.  Might try to put another one on there, some time.

I got home about 7:30 last nite, so i caught the rest of the Voice.  I've liked it up til now, but i just don't like the way they eliminate them.  Don't do reruns, so,,,record more movies?,,,lol.

Had a call right after i got up from friend S, asking if tomorrow was our apt in Austin.  She thot the 7th, i thot the 17th, and we were both wrong,,,hahahaha,,it's the 27th.  And i have it right here on a sticky note!!  In my defense, it was sorta behind another one.  So, now we both know. lmao.  I'm still gonna get all the fill taken out.  So it will be my last trip.  woooohoooo....

Reading ol Jules today, talking about drug ingredients,,reminded me of a hormone so  so many women take made out of a pregnant mare's urine.  It's not estrogen, it's the other one, and for the life of me, i can't remember,,,it's usually prescribed with the estrogen.  Anybody know?,,Darn statin!  Think i'm gonna quit taking that too.  PREMARIN!!! Turned my head and ,,,,that's it.  Pre-mar-in.  Maybe it's best not to know.

Little Jude isn't gonna get canned cat food any more after this i have is gone.  He'll just have to make do with Iams,,or whatever he catches outside.  Half the time he doesn't eat it, sooo,,,no more.  He's  on the weight and hairball formula, not that it does any good.  I think it's just a marketing scheme.  He likes cat chow, or friskies better, so,,,,that just might be in the future.

Ok, enough boring you today,,yall tc, and


Monday, March 5, 2012

We Are Ready!

My bro G and i are ready for tonite.  Watch out, city council,,,lol.  Had our last meeting yesterday afternoon with the friend, and have everything set to go.

Thot you might like this as much as i did.

After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target.

Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves to browse, so I had to learn to while away my time.

Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the local Target:

Dear Mrs. Harris,
Over the past six months, your husband has caused quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against your husband, Mr. Harris, are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras:

1. June 15: He took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in other people's carts when they weren't looking.

2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. July 7: He made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the women's restroom.

4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official voice, 'Code 3 in Housewares. Get on it right away'. This caused the employee to leave her assigned station and receive a reprimand from her Supervisor that in turn resulted with a union grievance, causing management to lose time and costing the company money.

5. August 4: Went to the Service Desk and tried to put a bag of M&Ms on layaway.

6. August 14: Moved a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. August 15: Set up a tent in the camping department and told the children shoppers he'd invite them in if they would bring pillows and blankets from the bedding department to which twenty children obliged.

8. August 23: When a clerk asked if they could help him he began crying and screamed, 'Why can't you people just leave me alone?' EMTs were called.

9.. September 4: Looked right into the security camera and used it as a mirror while he picked his nose.

10. September 10: While handling guns in the hunting department, he asked the clerk where the antidepressants were.

11. October 3: Darted around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the ' Mission Impossible' theme.

12. October 6: In the auto department, he practiced his 'Madonna look' by using different sizes of funnels.

13. October 18: Hid in a clothing rack and when people browsed through, yelled 'PICK ME! PICK ME!'

14. October 21: When an announcement came over the loud speaker, he assumed a fetal position and screamed 'OH NO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!'

And last, but not least:

15. October 23: Went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile, then yelled very loudly, 'Hey! There's no toilet paper in here.' One of the clerks passed out.

Nothing like a little humor for Monday!  Yall tc, and


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Concerned with Google's new data sharing policy? There are ways to deflect it

Concerned with Google's new data sharing policy? There are ways to deflect it

This tells you how to set google chrome's privacy settings. I don't think i have anything to be concerned about, but gonna do it anyway. lol. Just,,,cause. Like those bloggers who require all your info just to make a comment,,,nope, won't do it.

I had asked my son and gf, if there was anything they needed at Walmart, and he had a couple of prescriptions to pick up, so,,,the first thing i do,, is go to pick them up, not knowing how long that can take. I finally get to the front of the line, and then i'm told there's not any!,,,huh? Supposed to be 2. Sooo,,i call him and he says,,already called and verified they ARE ready. Well WTH? I hand the phone over to the clerk and ok,,yep, they are ready,,,he didn't tell me he was using his first name, which he has never been called by! Have no idea why and forgot to ask him. When i'm checking out, i'm looking at my watch thinking I'M gonna be late, after telling gf Not to let him make them late. lololol,,,But, i made it and the tables were all set up, ready for about 15. Turns out, there were just 6 of us, the others had misunderstood and thot it was NEXT weekend. G/dotter had to work but wanted all of us to come by there for dessert, so we did. Just one ate it,,lololol. Had drinks tho. Was a great time. Got home about 10, soooo tired and ready for bed, then couldn't go to sleep. My 2 cups of coffee?,,,So i'm tired today.

Our friend on the city council and my bro G are coming here later to discuss plans for tomorrow nite. Sure gonna get a nap before then.

Gosh, after 11 and i haven't eaten breakfast yet,,,lololol. Guess those jalapeno chicken enchiladas lasted a long time. Sure were good too. I can't do hot, but those weren't.

Forgot,,gave my son the man purse, with a small billfold, told him i'd call it an utility bag,,,lol. I really think he will like it. He's the kind of person that nothing embarrasses, and with everything he carries, this is perfect. My nephew carries one, totally full of stuff,,,His gf said everybody in CA did,,she lived there for 27 or so years, but is back for good. Seeing those 2 together makes everyone happy. I had given up on him ever finding someone, but,,,love this one totally! So does everybody else.

Ok,,breakfast done, about nap time, so yall tc, and


O yeah, just pass your pointer over the first part to go there.  And also, my weather thingy is broke, but it's the airport's thing down, where it gets it's info.  The tv doesn't show anything for here either.  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

He’s Limp a Long Now



One of these is Limp a Long, got to see him real good.  Doesn’t hop now, can walk on his foot, just limps bad, but,,,,OOOKKK.


Yesterday was so darn busy, I missed some of your posts, even.  I made it out to the park just for a bit, and got these pics.  I hadn’t seen Hop a Long for sure, until then.  The geese aren’t there a lot now, don’t know what they’re up to. 

Got my yard mowed,,now I can see my rain gauge sticking in the ground,,,lololol,,the one that leaks,,,yeah,,,that’s the one.

Going over to Marble Falls today, later, short trip to Walmart, then my son’s birthday get-to-gather.  At a mexican food place.  Supposed to be about 15 people, and I know it will be a great time.  I need to ask him how old he is gonna be,,,hahahahaha,,,,Barely can keep up with mine.  One time I was a year off on that too.  lmao.  And not on purpose.  I DO know the year they were born, so I could do the math if I had to. 

Ok, outa here, just sitting here with nothing to write about, so,,,,,next time,,, yall tc, and








Friday, March 2, 2012

First Ones



First ones I’ve seen this year, but haven’t been out anywhere.  (bluebonnets)  Another 2 weeks will be amazing.  Too much going on today, so yall tc, and



Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is a Gazelle?

Well DD, i finally looked up a Gazelle thang,,and NO WAY,,,lololol.  I bought a weight bench one time,,had every attachment in the world,  and it took me all of one day to put that thing together.  Had a 1/2" thick book of instructions, and i don't remember how many trips it took to get it all carried into the house when i got home.  Used it for a long time.  When i moved here, there was no place to store it, and it sat outside and ruined, the padding, lines, rubber, etc.  It had cost me a 100.00. and 500.00 worth of labor,,hahahaha.  That and my computer desk were the 2 worst things i ever put together.  I have a mechanical mind and that has always helped.

Keep seeing talk of rattlesnakes.  They will NOT jump out from hiding to bite you!  They will run away faster than YOU,,,lol.  They are not an aggressive snake, like a copper head or a cotton mouth is.   Most of the time, you will not be able to see them they are so well disguised, unless they are moving.  You don't shoot them to take to the round ups.  You catch them live, and do them no harm.  You don't "milk" them either.  They are full of venom.  After their shows, they do milk them, and destroy them, which is why my bro turns his loose.  The first time i saw one of the shows, i was horrified.  The worst in it, was when they put about 50 in a sleeping bag, and then a man crawled down into it.  All the way too.  Then back out,,didn't get bit either.  It's sad that if this keeps up, they will become extinct.  Out on the ranch where my bro released his, and has for years, one of the hands made a comment about how many there were out there,,,they kept their faces straight and said,," o yeah?"

Think i'm gonna get dressed,,(still morning) and go to the $Store.  I need a card for my son, and a couple of other things.  Get it done early.  Hate to have to buy cards, takes forever to pick em out.  You can't just grab one and go.  Has to say the right thing..lololol.

Yall tc, and