Monday, March 12, 2012

No Tolerance For Screaming Kids

Just told BB i'm ready,,,get busy,,,lololol.  For fish!  They're there, i saw it.  lololol.

Big story today about a family being kicked off a plane,,hahahaha,, because of a 2 yr old having a tantrum.  WOOOHOOO.  Good for them!  Kids don't behave, leave em at home.  I did.  I didn't take them out with us til they could and they knew it.  Lol, my son was the only one that had to be about 6 or so,,,hahahaha,,,If i had had to ride with that kid, i would have wanted a refund!

I was telling Gypsy about the time i bought this house, and had to work on it for 4 or 5 months before i could move in.  That was after i got home from work, and on week ends.  Mom was there waiting every day, lol, and a lot of times, i wouldn't have done anything, but,, there she was, ready to go.  Well, one week end,,i was so tired, and had so much painting to do, and heard someone drive up.  When i looked out i almost cried.  It was my bro B and SnL K,,and their oldest, ready to go, paint rollers, brushes in hand.  You just can't believe how much they can do in just a little time.  The next day, i was in one of the rooms and there was a white cricket walking across the floor!,,,  K didn't slow down, she just painted it!! LMAOOO.  And even now,,,all these years later, i stilll have to LMAO.  All my family helped at some time or another.  That's what families are.  (Used to be).  I had a moving party,,,lol,,had 4 or 5 pickups show up and a lot of help.  I had everything ready, so it didn't take long.  Had hot dogs, with pork and beans, and chips.  Had to go back the next morning and dig in the trash for my tv remote,,used an old trash can to hold stuff like that.  But it was right there in the first one.  Had all my frozen stuff in a black bag, and my nephew emptied my ash trays in it...HAHAHAHAHA,,had to wash off everything.  But, they got me moved in record time.  And we had fun all the way.

G just came by and said he was going up to his get away, about an hour from here.  I might ride up there the next day or 2.  They bought a 100 acres up there on the rocks.  lol,,Close to Menard.  Rocks and cactus.  He likes to get out and shred that stuff.

Like DD, nothing to say, so yall tc, and