Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Neighbors,,,Everywhere

Had to take a shower after visiting BB,,,,hahahahaha,,,and i didn't even get any fish!

Gosh, where has the time gone today?,,,what have i done?,,,(besides the shower) ,,,did do some investigating on my laptop memory here, ran the test, found out it's fine.  That took a few, and i ate lunch,,,, that took a few,,,watched the rest of X Factor i had to record last nite,,,that took a few,,,spied on my new neighbors,,,that took a few,,,told my sis i thot it was a 1/2 way house,,those 3 people just don't match up,,,got 3 vehicles too.  I'm NOT going over and introduce myself, i MIGHT NOT want to know them.  I nearly did that with one that bought the place catercorner from me, and TG! i didn't,,,figured out who it was, and sure didn't want to have anything to do with her.  So,,i'm using caution.  They are quiet,,major point,, no kids,,major point #2,,and i THINK there might be a little dog, but if so, it's so quiet i haven't even heard it, seen it once being walked on a leash.  Major point #3.  Hey Jude is ok with them, he's the same ol, same ol.  Not running and hiding anyway.  I kinda trust his judgement.  hahahaha,,,don't know why he runs and hides when sis or son come by.  lmaoooo.

OOO mercy!,,,what a day. 

Tried to eat leftovers, yuk,,got the rest of the canned potato soup down, but that frozen dinner,,meat loaf thang,,got trashed.  I'm outa that good potato salad,,guess i'll stop by the store later.  It's really good, and goes with everything.  It's a shame i don't cook any more, cause i did make the best potato salad, and,,,the best meat loaf ever.  I eat so little now, and i can't stay up on my feet very long, so it's just not to my advantage to do my own cooking.  In other words,,,AIN'T GONNA!!!  lol,,Told my second hubby i didn't cook, he said he didn't care. lololol. And he never did.

Have i named this yet?,,better look n see.  Nope, but now it's there.