Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Strange Happenings

Gosh, put all my warm lounge clothes in the washer, now i'm chilly.  Got a summertime one on,,,,and, i know,,i COULD get dressed, but,,why?  It's about 70 and cloudy.  After writing that, i got up and turned on some heat,,,hahahaha.

I'm so way behind today, slept til 9/30, after waking up at 7/30.  But,,so what?  lol.
When the lady brought my prescription, i remembered it was Wed.  I did walk yesterday, in that horrible wind.  It was still howling last nite when i went to bed.  March winds,,etc,,

G came by and we both thot we presented our side well, and,,we did our best.  With the AH mayor mouthing off the whole time, we are hoping the council members won't pay him any mind.  I know our friend doesn't,,,lol,,,she does NOT let him run over her.  He doesn't have a vote anyway, except to break a tie.

I made it out to the park yesterday, (my walk), and this girl got out to fish.  In a bit, she caught a good sized one,  couldn't tell what it was from where i was, but then, she did a strange thing.   She had it on the ground to take off the hook, and when she got that done, she laid that fish behind the rock she was sitting on, on the ground, and just left it!  I have never seen that done, ever!  It was about a foot long, and i could see it flop once in a while.  Really strange!  I think i'll ask her if i ever see her again,,lol.  I was there about 30 more minutes and she didn't catch anything else, TG!, but didn't do anything with that one either.  Don't know where those geese are hanging out, haven't seen them for a few days, and the little black ones were way down from me in the river.  I take my current book and read.  Just like being out of the house a bit during the day.  And what's better than nature?  Saw a strange bird, all black.  Need to start carrying my bird book too.  Been seeing lots of buzzards circling, they do that when they migrate.  They just kinda float around in circles by the river,,,,Red tailed hawks do it too.  By the hundreds.

Well, adios, amigos,,amigas. yall tc, and