Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot?,,,not the Weather

Just found out how good a friend that Hermit is. Ur the bestest!!

DD, how in the world did shipping containers falling off ships ever come to mind? Just don't know about u. hahahahah,,,now,,,the peppers r another matter. I just don't do hot. Even mild jalapenos,,,too much for me. Makes my tongue hurt just thinking about them. There's another kind of pepper, looks like the habanero, but not so hot. I was at a bar b q one time, and this man bit into one of the habaneros, started crying, yelling, (can't use the words here) drinking, trying to get his breath. This other one, eating the same ones, (looked like) laughed, called him a wimp, did all kinds of making fun of him,,,UNTIL he bit into one himself!!! Same story. hahahaha,,,I sure didn't put any of those no matter what kind, on my plate. They got rid of theirs too. lmaoooo.

Did it again, hit something and lost most all of this. Now, where was i? Think i was making fun of DD and the Hermit, having the coastal blues.
I just don't know how anyone could possibly live there. Last time i was there, visited my niece in High Island, my car got covered by this thick, greasy, sticky, skum. Couldn't even stand to touch it. And the first thing i did when i left and got 40 miles inland, was go thru a car wash. Gotta tell ya about niece's hubby. They had just got married, and he got his first coaching job there in High Island, baseball. He didn't have but 10 players, lololol. He took that little team to the finals, played in Austin, ( we all went) and lost that game by ,,,like,,1 point. Anyway, she got out of school in the meantime, and as soon as that last day was over, they drove away,had been packed and ready. They took jobs not far from here, and THEN,,,he found out he had been named the TOP coach of the year, in that whole SE part of TX. They're now in Lake Worth Tx. She got a job close by, over 1000s of others, in a brand new school. She thinks maybe it was her rattling on when she had to wait while being interviewed, about how they took the job there in Lake Worth. They had looked at 2 houses to buy, one there, and one in the other place with a job. They left it to God to decide, by letting them know which house they got. And there was a time limit. The other one didn't respond by that time. Anyway, she left and was still driving when she got the call. She had the job!! OK,,now i gotta tell u what she said when she was about 3 years old. One of the best. Her mom gave her a bath and told her to come and let her put her drawers on. She laughed and said, those aren't drawers, they're panties. Mom,,well, u can call them that sometimes if u want to. Niece,,does that mean i can call my dresses closets sometimes? She was with us in Austin one time, we loved to take her with us a lot, and we went by this great big church. She said,,,o look, there's a Jesus house. Still adore that kid.

Almost 12:30, guess i need to have some lunch. No leftovers, means i might have to cook something.

Ok made oatmeal with raisans. Applesauce for dessert. lol, quick and easy. With lap bands, u can't drink 15 mins before a meal, during, and for an hour after. I'm in the 15 before. lol,,finishing up here.

Really appreciate all u new followers. Makes it all worth while. Hey ol ones,,have always appreciated yall.

PS, DD, have about an update on ur pond?