Saturday, June 25, 2016

Want an Update?

Gosh, hate to even write this, it's all still the same.

My pain doc put an epidural injection into my hip about a month ago, thot I would die that nite for about 4-6 hours. Worst pain I've ever had. Won't ever do another one. But anyway, the next day there was no pain, and over the next week the pain came back a little at a time, but not as bad. I guess it did help quite a bit. Have an apt. to see the hip doc in July.

My sis is having her annual bbq later today, and 2 cousins came down from Paris for the weekend. These are my 2 favs. They're 6 or 8 years younger, but their Mom was always my fav aunt too. I had forgotten she died on 7-4 a few years ago.

Yall might have heard about the drowning here last week. It was on a lot of news channels. Even my cousin said he heard it up there. The river goes right thru the middle of town, and there's a dam too, creating a holding area for our water. Anyway, forever, people have walked out on the dam and fished on the bottom side from it. This man and his 13 yo dotter were about in the middle and she fell in, and didn't come up, so he jumped in to rescue her, and in the meantime another man had done the same, got the girl, resuscitated her while 2 more men managed to get the dad out. But it was too late for him. Still don't understand how this could happen. There were no flood gates open, so how could there be a current? People swim there all the time, and this is a first. Maybe i'll learn more.

My nephew came over and put these sun/heat blocking screens over most of my windows a couple of days ago. Makes a world of difference with my ACs. He made frames from trim boards, stapled the screen on, and tacked it up over the windows. Didn't know it came on a roll, and there's plenty to do the few other ones. Will get to those later. This makes up for my huge tree.

Gotta git,,, nap time. Gotta prepare for that good time coming... Yall tc, and