Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do Nothing Day

Did anybody watch the video? I was hoping to hear some input about it. It will make u laugh no matter how u feel, lol.

Wish i had something to write about. Yesterday was a do nothing day, and so far, this one is too. My sis, N, called late yesterday and told me she had caught a 40 pound catfish, in the river out there!! I got all excited, then she told me wasn't true. DARN IT. After all that talk about catfish, too. Dug thru my freezer yesterday, didn't find any fish. But there's sure a lot of stuff i need to start eating. Soooo, today for lunch i had buffalo wings, and ff, baked. Sure was good. I even drank tea with it. Not supposed to do that with a lap band, buttttt,,,,. Was told it makes the food pass thru faster, so ur supposed to wait an hour before liquid. That way, u feel full longer.

Watching Moneymaker on tv. He's in the championship play in poker. Guess i kinda like him because he's a rag to riches story. And,,, i love poker. We play a lot of games, it's always dealer's choice. Probably most unheard of, except around here. Had a few quit saying those games aren't poker, but,,,just cause it's not 5 card draw, or 7 card stud, if there's a way to bet, we do it. Not any fun if u can't make a bet in games. Even if it's just nickel, dime, quarter poker. It's not the money.

Heard on my scanner this morning, someone had shot a coyote just outside of town. Wanted it to be picked up, checked for rabies. There have been several cases around here, so everyone's over caucious. I don't think anything about seeing wild things around here, up from the river. I love it. Even the half grown possum that keeled over like dead when i opened my back door. lololo,,,i just waited a few minutes and it got up and ran off. This was in the day time, and i sure didn't panic and think rabies. Right now, everything is hunting food and water. Animals and insects. Think it was DD this morning talking about this being the worst drought he's seen, but back in the 50s,,was worse. Even our river went dry. DD, was before ur time,,,lolol,,,in Texas anyway.

BBL, if,,,