Saturday, July 2, 2011


Good Morning, all!!!  Hey DD, i quit throwing out all food scraps just so something would have it to eat.  Got way too much wildlife coming by. lol.  Just hated to put it in the trash if something was hungry.  The large bins the company furnishes, won't turn over.  My sis N said she had seen a fox in her yard, and i told her it was hungry and looking for something to eat.  LOLOLOL,,,Keep those chickens in the pen.

My son told me that the abandoned cats he goes by and feeds, up by the school, has 2 of the kittens missing now.  Told about owls being there and one swooping over his head one night, when the cats were out with him.  I don't know how any of the kittens survive, with the owls, foxes, coyotes, up there and hungry too.  The school is leaving all the lights on for some reason, and of course, the cats will be out eating the bugs that come around.  He's going to call and ask why the lights are on 24/7 now with no school going on.  Then, there's the dopies coming up there hanging around.  Up to no good.  Late at night.  Crazy kids sometimes will get a kick out of torturing little animals.  With the lights on, he thinks they saw the cats.  Going to call police dept. and ask for patroling up there, too.  He is always looking for good homes for kittens.  One of the ones missing is a Russian Blue.  He asked if i knew what that was, and i did.  Wayyyyy back, one of our first cats was one.  Didn't know it til i saw a picture in a book, and there she was.  Was after that, that i got into the siamese.

  We had an huge german sheppard, so gentle, great with kids, loved little animals, and the first siamese kitten i took home, i set it down so she could see it, her wanting to lick it, and that little thing fuzzed up, spitting and scratching, ripped her nose before i could grad it.  O boy, after a coon had done that one time, she hated coons the rest of her life, would kill them if she could.  Took a lot of persuading to get her to like that kitten.  Had her on a lease one time, walking, and this kid's pet coon ran out, i was trying to hold her back, screaming to get that coon out of here, ripping off my nails, had grabbed her around the neck by then,  but that kid grabbed that coon and ran back to his house with it.  The one that bit her on the nose happened when she was still young, and we had taken her out to teach her to coon hunt.  She had gone running up to it, wagging her tail, til it did that.  Then, we had a coon dog. lol  She was so big, she could crush an armadillo with her mouth.  Didn't let her do that if i could help it, but did see it one time.  If the kids accidentally hurt her, she licked them in the face, never nipped.

Not even noon yet, 11:30,  and i'm starving.  Sure need this band adjusted, and will get that Tues.  Guess i'd better see what i have, know i have some leftovers.

Yall hagd.